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Saturday, 27 February 2010



Name : Kim Hyun Joong

Nickname : Leader, 4D Shillang
Birthdate : June 6th, 1986 (23 years)
Star Sign : Gemini
Physique : 180cm, 68kg
Blood Type : B
Education : Graduated from Hanyang Industrial High School, Kyonggi University
Hobbies : Swimming, weight training, basketball, soccer
Talents : Playing the guitar, piano, dancing, acting
Motto : Life is one shot

Random Facts
• The oldest member and the leader of SS501
• 4th-dimensional (weird or crazy, living in his own world)
• He is a heavy sleeper
• He is a spontaneous person
• Doesn't like to speak English because of his weird pronunciation
• Is a charismatic leader and brother to the members
• Was given the nickname Kim DogCow because of his cow-like eyes and puppy-like face
• He wants to treat his girlfriend like a guy friend (walking with an arm around her shoulders, and calls her “Hey”)
• He is not a scaredy cat
• Is close friends with DBSK's JaeJoong and Yoochun

Name : Heo Young Saeng
Nickname : Shy Prince
Birthdate : November 3rd, 1986 (23 years)
Star Sign : Scorpio
Physique : 178cm, 63kg
Blood Type : O
Education : Graduated from Hyundai High School
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, listening to musicTalent : Playing the pianoMotto : Don’t look behind after doing your best.

Random Facts
• Is extremely shy and quiet on camera
• Loves to take his own photos
• Very conscious about his look, especially his hair
• Has the softest and highest voice in SS501
•He is said to be an expert on love despite his claim of not being ableto understand women. According to other members, he seems to have theanswer to everything when it comes to love
• Was a trainee of SM Entertainment before leaving the company and debuted under DSP Entertainment
• Seems to be more popular among children under 10 years old
• Likes to do impersonations
• Was given the nickname Otter because he looks like one

Name : Kim Kyu Jong
Nickname : Gorilla
Birthdate : February 24th, 1987 (22 years)
Star Sign : Pisces
Physique : 181cm, 65kg
Blood Type : A
Education : Department of Popular Music, Baekje Arts CollgeHobbies : Listening to music, basketball, readingTalent : Performing magicMotto : Challenge and don’t have regrets.

Random Facts
• He moved to Seoul from the countryside to fulfill his dream to be a singer
• He used to be shy but became more outgoing recently after coming back from Japan
• Whatever he is asked to do, he will do it passionately regardless of his shyness
• One of his nicknames is Gorilla
• Always the first person to wake up (from the Thanks For Waking Us Up show)
• Seems very charming and kind
• He is very close with his family
• He speaks Japanese fluently
• Used to be scared of dogs but overcame that fear through a tv show where they had to take care of an abandoned dog

Name : Park Jung Min

Nickname : Horse, Sexy Charisma

Birthdate : April 3rd, 1987 (22 years)

Star Sign : Aries

Physique : 181cm, 67kg

Blood Type : O

Education : High school affiliated to Dankook UniversityHobby : Writing lyrics

Talents : Tap dancing, rock climbingMotto : Be always grateful.

Random Facts

• Self proclaimed Sexy Charisma of SS501

• Said to be a walking pharmacy because he always have all kinds of health products with him

• Is given the nickname Horse because of his resemblance of a horse

• A carrot maniac. He eats lots of carrot and even makes carrot juice. He even have a rubber carrot toy

• He loves mirror because he loves himself too much

• He hits people who try to wake him up from his sleep

• He is popular among middle-aged women because of his friendly personality

• Most of the members’ nicknames were given by him including his own

• Speaks fluent Japanese and was a regular guest in a Japanese show

• Debuted his acting career through Grease musical as Danny Zuko

Name : Kim Hyung Joon

Nickname : Baby

Birthdate : August 3rd, 1987 (22 years)

Star Sign : Leo

Physique : 181cm, 66kg

Blood Type : O

Education : High school affiliated to Dankook UniversityHobbies : Computer games, weight training, listening to musicTalents : Swimming, dancingMotto : Walk and walk.

Random Facts

• The baby of SS501, in terms of age and character

• The most immature according to all the members

• He has a very fair skin. In an interview he said that he had to put on lots of make up to darken his skin

• Lived in Melbourne, Australia for 2 years

• Is the bully victim of SS501, especially by Jung Min

• He likes to blurt out random English words in conversations

• He is obedient. He does whatever the members ask him to do

• Often quarrels with Jung Min. They are like Tom & Jerry

• Is called Turtle because of his neck and posture

• Likes BoA and always mentions her whenever being asked about which celebrity he likes


Current line up as of Sept 10, 2009:

Park Gyuri (박규리

◊ Gyul
◊ Gyul Omma
◊ Goddess
◊ Mirror Princess
◊ LeGYulas
◊ Shikshin
◊ Carrot

◊ May 17, 1989

◊ Purple

◊ H.O.T

◊ Pizza

◊ Collar bone
◊ Eyes

◊ Singing
◊ Acting
◊ Impersonations
◊ "Goddess Concept" on T.V.

◊ Food
◊ Reading
◊ Watching Movies

◊ Currently attending Dongduk Women's University - major in Broadcasting Communications

◊ Appeared in drama/sitcom "Today is a Nice Day" with Kang Ho Dong (age 7)
◊ Sonagi
◊ Appeared in "Girls Like Pomegrenates" CF with Lee Junki
◊ Appeared in drama "Ladies of the Palace" (age 14)
◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ Live Wannabe
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ KBS Radio Sukira Kiss The Radio
◊ Group song for "Boys over Flower" OST Vol 2 - Love is Fire
◊ SBS Radio SS501 Music High (Temporary DJ)
◊ Group song for "Chasing Kangnam Mother" OST - Fighting
◊ Group song for "Naruto" ending theme - Butterfly
◊ Child Model

Han Seung Yeon (한승연)

◊ 한승연

◊ Ham, Choding, Big-smile-no-eyes

◊ July 24, 1988

◊ Pink

◊ G.O.D

◊ Inside eyelids

◊ Singing
◊ Dancing
◊ Impersonating Gollum (Lord of the Rings)
◊ Can also speak english fluently

◊ Reading
◊ Listening to music
◊ Watching Anime
◊ Making random cute sounds
◊ Hugging her mongshil Nicole
◊ Teaching Nicole wrong Korean words just for fun

◊ Graduated from Tenafly High School (New Jersey)
◊ Currently attending Kyunghee University - Majoring in Film Arts and Theatre

◊ MC MSL Break
◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ MC MBC Section TV
◊ Live Wannabe
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ KBS Radio MayBee Volume Up
◊ Group song for "Boys over Flower" OST Vol 2 - Love is Fire
◊ SBS Radio SS501 Music High (Temporary DJ)
◊ Featured in SS501's Lucky Days MV
◊ Featured on Nassun's Single - Come to Play
◊ Solo song for "Welcome to my House" OST
◊ Group song for "Chasing Kangnam Mother" OST - Fighting
◊ Short cameo in drama "Star in my Heart" (1997)
◊ Group song for "Naruto" ending theme - Butterfly
◊ SBS Sixth Sense Quiz

Jung Nicole ~ 정니콜

◊ 정니콜

◊ Yongjoo
◊ Tweety

◊ October 7, 1991

◊ Orange

◊ Shinhwa

◊ Dancing
◊ Rapping
◊ Can speak English fluently and some Spanish
◊ Cooking
◊ TV Personality

◊ Listening to music
◊ Violin
◊ Food
◊ Watching movies
◊ Eating
◊ Reading
◊ Cooking

◊ Attended Global Christian School
◊ Currently attending Laurelsprings School

◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ KBS Star Golden Bell - Level With Me S2
◊ Group song for "Boys over Flower" OST Vol 2 - Love is Fire
◊ Group song for "Chasing Kangnam Mother" OST - Fighting
◊ Group song for "Naruto" ending theme - Butterfly
◊ Featured on Sunha's song - String
◊ Duet with Kang Kyun Sang - Happy... And
◊ MC MBC Bonanza

◊ Very Fluent in English, and knows how to speak Spanish as well
◊ She is known for her happy, energetic, and friendly personality
◊ Moved to Arizona when she was six, then to California
◊ Her mother is in Korea with her now
◊ She wrote most of the rap lyrics for KARA's first album
◊ She also wrote the Korean rap lyrics (1st time) for the song "Let It Go" from KARA's Revolution album
◊ Loves writing in English, and asks the fans to do the same
◊ She is the strongest (emotionally) member of KARA
◊ She is very religious, a devoted Christian
◊ She has a weak stomach, gets sick easily
◊ She is not very good with Korean, and is prone to making cute mistakes
◊ Has a stuffed pig named "Acon" because of 'Bacon'
◊ She is very fond of her stuffed toys including her pig Acon, Tigger, and Pikachu
◊ She is very good friends with SNSD members; Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyun
◊ She is the only child
◊ Says she dislikes people who lie
◊ She hasn't really meant anyone close to her ideal type yet
◊ Says Gyuri (KARA) is like a real sister to her, both are very close
◊ Her Korean name is "Yongjoo" which means "Dragon Ball" in English
◊ She loves to cook, and often prepares the meals when at home
◊ If she wasn't a singer she would like to be a patisserie, since she loves to bake.
◊ Received an oven for her 17/18th birthday from fans.
◊ Writes "Always Smile" with her autographs
◊ She is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan girl
◊ Her mother has a restaurant called "Red Kitchen"

Kang Ji Young (강지영)

◊ 강지영

◊ Jing
◊ Kang Jara (turtle)
◊ Kang Ah Ji (puppy)
◊ Rice-Cake (because of her fair skin tone)

◊ January 18 1994

◊ Gyeonggi-do, Paju

◊ Big Bang

◊ Singing
◊ Dancing
◊ Aegyo
◊ Eye smiling

◊ Reading
◊ Listening to music
◊ Dolls
◊ Letters
◊ Dogs

◊ Graduated from Kwanghee Middle School
◊ Currently attending Muhak Women's High School

◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ MBC Radio Shim Shim Tapa
◊ Group song for "Boys over Flower" OST Vol 2 - Love is Fire
◊ Group song for "Chasing Kangnam Mother" OST - Fighting
◊ Group song for "Naruto" ending theme - Butterfly
◊ Featured on Jumper's song - Sparkling Eyes

◊ She is a big fan of Daesung from Big Bang
◊ She is the youngest of 3 girls in her family
◊ Approximately 166cm in height
◊ Her audition song was SNSD - Kissing You
◊ Fans say she resembles a turtle, cute turtle
◊ Was at the 2007 Dream Concert as a DBSK fan girl
◊ Wants to do more cooking
◊ Shares a room with Hara and Nicole, sleeps on the top bunk while Hara sleeps on the lower bunk
◊ Introduced to DSP by a relative
◊ She was a last minute replacement when a new member choose to leave

Name: 구하라 Goo Hara
Nickname: Koala, Honey Hara, GuRa
Position: Vocals
Date of birth: January 13, 1991
Blood Type: ?
Height: 164cm
Weight: 43kg
Favorite Korean gasoo: Fin.K.L
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing
Skills: Dancing and Modeling
Educational Background:
- Attended Kwangjoo Academy of Music (same school with Big Bang's Seungri - they are good friends)
- Currently attending Dongmyeong Woman's High School of Industry and Information
Work Experience:
- Modeled for online clothing catalogs
- Auditioned for JYP Entertainments
Cyworld: ♥

Friday, 26 February 2010


penat, pening, tension, stress..semua bergabung menjadi satu..macam-macam hal yang berlaku dalam hidup aku sekarang ni..start new sem ni, aku further degree..pergh, berat siot!!pening..aku ingatkan after masuk degree ni, perangai sesetengah makhluk akan berubah, means takdela aku kena siapkan assignment or report for diorang..tapi, ade makhluk tu, still lepak-lepak..hampeh sungguh..dan makhluk tersebut g degree pun pasal takut hilang kawan..bangang ke tak??sial gile..(sorry kalau bahasa kasar..mmg tengah tension nak mati ni!!)..pastu, ade jugak yang keje nak copy je assignment orang..sial btol!!!aku tension gile ni..semalam, time tengah wat assignment yang susah gile, ade mamat chat ngan aku, senang-senang je, die nak mintak aku punye assignment!!!babi btol!!aku dh r susah payah perah otak..time tu pun, xdpt jawapan lagi..dah mamat tu suke hati mak bapak belah awek die je nak mintak assignment aku..malas aku nak cite kat kawan-kawan aku ni, coz' diorang agak obses ke jantan-jantan..pastu bajet baek..kalau mamat-mamat tu mintak assignment ke, report ke, konon-konon bermurah hati pegi bagi..padahal, yang bersusah payah wat assignment tu aku!!!sume org sial gile!!!aku memang sangat tension ni..diorang tak nampak lagi aku yang panas baran, tu yang berani nak pijak kepala aku tu..before diz, aku thn je..tapi, aku pun manusia beb..aku ade tahap kesabaran jugak..nak nangis pun ade rasenya, ble orang dah wat aku camni..tension!!!

second story, afiq selalu suruh aku tegur kawan-kawan, diorang takdela baik mane..aku dah tak tau nak wat ape ni..bengang..pastu, ble kena kacau ngan antu, beria takut-takut..beb, cermin diri tu!!!ko dahla slalu miss solat, aurat pun tak reti nak tutup!!!bile datang menda camtu, beria takut!!!pastu, kalau kena tahan ngan p.guard, beria cakap p.guard itu ini..padahal ko yang salah!!!pleasela wei..umur dah 20 wei..dosa dah lama ko kena tanggung sendiri..tutupla aurat tu..bukan susah mane pun!!ko nak kena langgar ngan treler dulu ke, baru nk insaf??!!sibuk cite parents ko sakit itu, sakit ini..bukan aku nak kurang ajar..camnela diorang bleh biarkan anak-anak tak reti nak ikut ajaran Islam??pelik aku..pastu, sibuk nak kate family tak happyla, macam-macam..muhasabah sket diri tu..penat aku..

aku dah penat hidup macam ni..aku rindukan kawan-kawan imtiaz aku yang hidup memang macam orang Islam..aku rindu lifestyle orang Islam..aku rindukan semua tu..aku tak tau nak wat camne lg..aku harap, aku dapat sabar sikit je lagi..aku memang kena bersabar..insyaAllah..
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