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Saturday, 22 January 2011


for the 1st day, the situation seems real without any lying..but a day later, i just don't even know who i must believe..i keep stand on my priority that i trust dsp only..from the very beginning i know they're not lying and telling the truth..even many said they mistreat their artists, i just can't believe it..i know they're not that king of company..ever since before their artists didn't revealed much about their company..unlike others that like to bragging about what the company done to them..somehow that kind of artist seems like trained years before for saying that so-called good things about their company which i hated so much about..i love how dsp trained their artists not to bragging much about hara mentioned before "i don't even have anything to brag about" (refer to sgb idol special with 2PM, SHINee, SNSD n KARA)..SS501 boys also love their company so much..hyung jun once said their CEO gave him special bonus..hyun joong also thanked his CEO so much after he won popularity award even at that time there's rumor of the CEO drag him to the ex-president birthday party..Rainbow who didn't even recognized before and their debut is considered as failed, never blame their company for that..DSP never ever regret of debuting KARA n Rainbow whose considered as failure before..instead DSP continue promote both groups until who they are now..when the CEO won the best producer award, he thanked his artists rather than being proud said that the award is deserved by himself..there's plenty reason why i believe this company unlike others..their artists seems very natural, never being hypocrite..i don't know why, seeing sm artists thanked their CEO looks very faked to me..don't know why..they seems like hiding something from the world..

so, what i tried to say is, i trust dsp n kara needs each other..there's no other company suited them..i kind of understand why gyuri and hara choose to stay with dsp..both of them were rejected by other compony before..gyuri rejected by sm while hara by jyp n sm..thats why their love to dsp seems high than others..the other three are great too because choosen to be artist with one try only..

lastly, i hope the 5 will remain as DSP very own KARA..i know they will matter how long it takes..i'll wait for that..and i believe they will..because DSP that i know never forced their artists to do that and that..they just let their artist do what ever they want..

for all KARA fans, please don't believe any rumors..just believe in DSP and KARA statement..because only those two parties know the situation well..

p/s- as soon as i finish writing this post, the situation seems to be settled..i don't know if it is confirmed or not, the only one i understand is KARA is still KARA before and the only thing that need to be discuss is how DSP want the girls to be remain at their company..that's all..and this situation not come from nicole's mom (sorry, mom..haha), it's from one unknown Mr. J of unknown company..i feel so happy now..waiting for a good news before today ends..haha..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


diz is not the exact fact..i only write based on my opinion~~
diz morning, i woke up n googling..i found hara n seungyeon pics in pattaya..they're having fun there..wat a great moments..guess wat??? when i juz got back from my class this afternoon, i saw enormous news bout kara splitting wif dsp, without gyuri..i'm 501% shocked wif dat news???wat happened???i start googling n googling..

1. they've been overwork: they always attending the schedule they didn't want.. which is relevant at my 1st thought..they didn't get rest yet travel back n forth japan-korea..which is least, gave them rest 4 a week..dun overwork them..they're still very young..

2. they've been receiving small wage even they bring huge profit 2 dsp, even more than wat SS501 brought dsp..18mi USD, but their wage is 3k USD..i dun believe diz..i think dat is their basic wage..they got other payment i think..most idols got bonus if they achieve some success, i think similar 4 KARA..

3. i think they stress..the girls r 2 young 2 handle such a huge stress when being forced 2 attend hectic scehdule non-stop..unlike gyuri who is matured woman, she hv a great mentality..juz see how cnfdnt she was..she has a great psychology..

4. i never want 2 think dat the reason they want 2 split is bcoz' of money..never ever..but, who knows dat might be the reason..unlike others, gyuri came from a rich family which money is not her problem at all..dats why i think gyuri doesn't involve wif them bcoz' of diz..

5. hara only reason is i think bcoz' she never had a chance 2 meet her parents since debut..dats the biggest problem faced by her i think..

6. i think both parties r wrong..kara complaining bout schedule, but dats wat brought them up now..n dsp is wrong when they used kara 4 making money despite treat them nicely..

7. i think kara must not be complaining since wat they're complaining stated in their contract, why complaints???

8. juz read somewhere bout nicole's mom..ever since b4, i never like her..she involves herself 2 much in her daughter career..unlike gyuri's mom who juz support her n kara in a good way..i really luv her statement dat she'll never betray dsp who raise kara..n she's alo a public figure, but didn't even overprotecting her daughter..

9. the solution 2 diz is, dsp must offer a new contract offering diz girls great wage..hv a feeling dat sm will take diz girl..seeing how close they r wif suju, shinee n snsd..if sm can raise them well, i support wat ever they n dsp style is similar, so they'll be no problem..

i really hope the members can discussed diz in peace n come out wif good solution..i got a feeling they won't be splitting..they can't split bcoz they need each other..u guys understand me rite???they still lacking here n there 2 split from kara..i'm happy 2 hear dat hara will stay neutral until dsp solve the a feeling gyuri will solve diz matter..she's good in negotiating i think..haha..later, i think jiyoung will join her hara unnie decision..all left is seungyeon n nicole..the only thing need 2 do is dun be influenced by others..if they only trust each other words, n remember all the hard times they went b4 2gether, everything will be fine the moment i open my eyes 2mrrw..LUV KARA~~
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