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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


diz is not the exact fact..i only write based on my opinion~~
diz morning, i woke up n googling..i found hara n seungyeon pics in pattaya..they're having fun there..wat a great moments..guess wat??? when i juz got back from my class this afternoon, i saw enormous news bout kara splitting wif dsp, without gyuri..i'm 501% shocked wif dat news???wat happened???i start googling n googling..

1. they've been overwork: they always attending the schedule they didn't want.. which is relevant at my 1st thought..they didn't get rest yet travel back n forth japan-korea..which is least, gave them rest 4 a week..dun overwork them..they're still very young..

2. they've been receiving small wage even they bring huge profit 2 dsp, even more than wat SS501 brought dsp..18mi USD, but their wage is 3k USD..i dun believe diz..i think dat is their basic wage..they got other payment i think..most idols got bonus if they achieve some success, i think similar 4 KARA..

3. i think they stress..the girls r 2 young 2 handle such a huge stress when being forced 2 attend hectic scehdule non-stop..unlike gyuri who is matured woman, she hv a great mentality..juz see how cnfdnt she was..she has a great psychology..

4. i never want 2 think dat the reason they want 2 split is bcoz' of money..never ever..but, who knows dat might be the reason..unlike others, gyuri came from a rich family which money is not her problem at all..dats why i think gyuri doesn't involve wif them bcoz' of diz..

5. hara only reason is i think bcoz' she never had a chance 2 meet her parents since debut..dats the biggest problem faced by her i think..

6. i think both parties r wrong..kara complaining bout schedule, but dats wat brought them up now..n dsp is wrong when they used kara 4 making money despite treat them nicely..

7. i think kara must not be complaining since wat they're complaining stated in their contract, why complaints???

8. juz read somewhere bout nicole's mom..ever since b4, i never like her..she involves herself 2 much in her daughter career..unlike gyuri's mom who juz support her n kara in a good way..i really luv her statement dat she'll never betray dsp who raise kara..n she's alo a public figure, but didn't even overprotecting her daughter..

9. the solution 2 diz is, dsp must offer a new contract offering diz girls great wage..hv a feeling dat sm will take diz girl..seeing how close they r wif suju, shinee n snsd..if sm can raise them well, i support wat ever they n dsp style is similar, so they'll be no problem..

i really hope the members can discussed diz in peace n come out wif good solution..i got a feeling they won't be splitting..they can't split bcoz they need each other..u guys understand me rite???they still lacking here n there 2 split from kara..i'm happy 2 hear dat hara will stay neutral until dsp solve the a feeling gyuri will solve diz matter..she's good in negotiating i think..haha..later, i think jiyoung will join her hara unnie decision..all left is seungyeon n nicole..the only thing need 2 do is dun be influenced by others..if they only trust each other words, n remember all the hard times they went b4 2gether, everything will be fine the moment i open my eyes 2mrrw..LUV KARA~~

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