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Thursday, 5 May 2011


finally, KARA n DSP are back together again..i don't like to put KARA is back again, since they're never say they'll part with each other from the very beginning..even they split 3:2, but they're working together well for URAKARA (finally over, the last episode) and JCL..

i love watching URAKARA episodes after the dispute happen, since somehow i can feel the real things in their acting..even i know it's scripted, but it feels real..i remember GYURI's line; "I'm not the best leader yet"..somehow it refers to how she nearly lose all her member..thanks HARA for stayed with our goddess back than..i also favor HARA's line; "we are together as five"..SEUNGYEON's lines;"KARA is not one person..we're together..if anything wrong, tell us"..n JIYOUNG's line; "Unnie, comeback..we are KARA as 5..we've got a lot of song to sing together"..seriously, they're so many lines i loved in this drama..after the dispute happen..

from the first time i read bout this crisis, i know, they'll be back to dsp my previous post said, KARA needs DSP and so is DSP needs KARA..they need each other badly now..KARA needs DSP as that's the only company suited their style..hara n gyuri both rejected from sm n jyp before, but dsp accepted them..this proved dsp is their only home..DSP needs KARA badly now as they're their biggest money maker right now after SS501 left..they can't rely on rainbow(sorry rainbow fans) who just started climbing right now..if KARA didn't return the new boy group rumored to be debuted might as well forget their dreams..

i'm so happy they're back together to DSP..hope this controversy mature them much..they're strong now..even stronger than SNSD (sorry SONE) in japan..hope to see them in near i miss seeing them performing together on stage again..but, they need to be careful since korean press is way scarier than japanese who treat them really really well..


  1. KARA Forever!!The only favorite girl group forever!!KARA jjang,DSParadise <3

    1. yeah!!!!the one n only girl group i love!!!haha..DSParadise always the best!!!!let's together support them~~


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