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Friday, 6 May 2011


haha..just wanna post my very own words i create before..feel free to use it..nevermind..

1. duri dalam daging, gunting dalam lipatan, musuh dalam selimut..i trusted you so much, yet you pour me a poison???don't ever wish i can call you a friend..the best i can regard you is thankful since that the best i can regard you, as i no longer want you as my friend~~~

2. i might be cold, arrogant, ego, selfish or any other you can call me..but i know my self better then anyone else..why am i like this???have you ever wondering the reason???then, ask me directly..don't ever simply jump into silly conclusion..cause i know, you're my friend..

3. the only thing i can plead to you now, is forgiveness for the me you saw..i promise you'll see my better self once i settle everything..i promise..but, believe me myself as i'm very hurt knowing that you're hurt by me..

4. this arrogant self, might seem too cold to you..but, remember our memory together???how we climb this steep ladder together???just because i left you to take another ladder, doesn't mean we're not going to the same floor my friend..i love you, but i don't want to cross over your line..let me the one who pull back and climbing another ladder cause i believe you're deserve to climb that ladder rather than you even know, i take a rusty ladder???which make me sway when climbing with it???i rather take it than give this ladder to you since i never want you to falling to the ground and having serious injuries..

all these quote, i write it somehow dedicated to my friends..each for each one of i just wanna say, i love you all..but please wait for me to show you my better side..promise..

p/s-the last para also included in the words..haha..i created it somehow to make this post real..haha..


  1. ap hal nek tangge pon kecoh ke??hahahaha

  2. eeee..xphm english r die ni..poem ni..puitis gle ayat aku


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