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Thursday, 15 September 2011

KARA 2011 me crazy, but i really love them..haha..after so many controversy, the girls finally out with their brand new 3rd official album..hehe..STEP!!!!! at first i thought it will be a song telling the world about their step climbing stairs of success now..but i'm wrong!!!haha..this album is the most complete album i ever heard!!! contains dance song; STEP, RIDER n FOLLOW ME, sweet cutesy song; DATE n STRAWBERRY, ballad song; DEAR KAMILIA n I AM(acoustic ver)..they're not the group that is recognized by their great vocal..they can sing, but not that great yet..but, one thing for sure, they always try their hardest knowing they're not perfect..they keep improving day by day..not once they disappoint me ever since i be their fan (well, thanks to SS501 for introducing me to KARA..hehe)..anyway, their ballad songs are great..the greatest vocal among them are of course seungyeon n doubt..but nicole is great too..jiyoung is still in training, but she keep doubt, she'll sound like gyuri somedays..haha..hara, not bad..she still better than any idol group member out there..even better coz' she got many lines in this album..hehe..thanks DSP..haha..

honestly, when i first listen to this album, the first song i love is RIDER!!!!it sounds awesome..even without any video, only by listening to the music, i hooked to it..hehe..of course their ballad is great..i love ballad songs the most coz' it show how great the singer are..hehe..i love STEP by watching it's MV!!!!clap to DSP..expansive MV!!!great outfit!!!!great set!!!!great choreo!!!!!this is why i never hate DSP!!!!haha..can't hate them coz' they always try their hardest to fulfill fans' expectation..then, i love DATE just because of it sweet lyrics..hehe..and STRAWBERRY too..maybe the music not suited to my style, but the lyrics are so sweet~~~~

KARA channel!!!!haha..great job DSP!!!!really love watching the live show..haha..thanks for broadcasting it..i really appreciate your effort..haha..the SHOWCASE!!!i rushed back home on heavy rain, riding my motorcycle, just for watching it..haha..

i almost missed their comeback stage today on MCountdown..haha..lucky for me..i'm not late..haha..all their 3 stages, are perfect!!!!haha..they deserve to win..hehe..of course they are..the artist i know all are great..haha..they're not popular if i not know who they, KARA, is popular and great coz' i'm their fan..haha..

tune for tomorrow till sunday for KARA all-kill!!!!haha..they'll win all coz' they're KARA!!!!

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