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Monday, 27 February 2012


haha..surprise surprise surprise~~~fooled by the title???keh3~~~it's true though~~yoona debut in Malaysia..YUNA~~haha..same pronunciation, different, different YOONA..haha..

Who said only s.korea have YOONA???we malaysian do own one too~~~our very own YUNA~~~501x more talented than that YOONA..recognized by many..produce own music, play own instrument, sing well, won many awards by her own, not as a group..what more??? ah, also hold a BACHELOR DEGREE OF LAW..not saying that YOONA is not good..she is good too..but our YUNA is just better in musical means..of course that YOONA can sing too, but our YUNA is just greater than musical means and educational background, our YUNA wins over that YOONA..but hey, don't ever point out that YOONA is prettier, beauty is subjective to others..some may said YOONA is prettier, some may said YUNA is depends actually on our eyes..

i don't intend to create any war, but just do this for fun..and to make MALAYSIAN realize that we too have a great musician..don't disregard our music..of course kpop is fun too, but we too have our own stylish music..

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