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Monday, 28 May 2012


finally, KARA will come to MALAYSIA!!!!yeay!!!after all my waiting..they went to THAILAND, SINGAPORE, all MALAYSIAN neighbour..but never MALAYSIA..but, yeay!!!thanks to MTV ASIA for giving me opportunity to watch them live in the WORLD STAGE!!!!yeay!!!but, the passes are just too hard to grab~~for the most unlucky person alive like me, who never won anything related to luck before, this contest is just super hard!!!!

i keep getting the STAND A CHANCE TO WIN for hundreds times and SORRY, YOU DIDN'T WIN ANYTHING for 8 times..super unlucky, right???haha..

but, finally, the fine 6.03 pm mark the history..when everyone fussing how the MTV web got down, i got through and win the instant passes!!!yeay!!! so lucky!!!

can't wait to watch KARA this coming July 14..even there's so many BELIEBERS, I don't care..even there small number of KAMILIA, i don't long as I'm able to watch the GODDESS GYURI, HAMMIE SEUNGYEON, COOL HARA, WEIRD NICOLE and MAKNAE JIYOUNG~~~haha..can't wait!!!

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