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Thursday, 7 June 2012


DSP, my favourite company producing a new boy group!!!!OMG!!!!they're super hot!!!didn't i said before DSP = HOME OF GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!!! welcome to DSParadise, A-JAX!!!!their name might be lame, sounds like a detergent here in MALAYSIA, but hey, they're HOT!!!haha..

ever since DSP announced they'll produce new boy group after SS501 left the company back then in 2010, I began to follow this group news..they rumored to be debuted last year's November, but push back to this May..

DSP began to released teasers for each member starting to my first favourite member, JAEHYUNG~~ he kinda remind me of HYUNGJUN..similar facial features..hehe..the moment i saw the teaser, I know he'll be the face..but then, I began to like HYOJUN!!! he might not be as handsome as JAEHYUNg, but, he's HOT!!! I just love how manly his smile is..he's my favourite now..

my new biased is SEUNGYEOB..haha..eventhough he's younger by me, no sweat..i love him..he's manly..i love his voice the most!!!!haha..

Now, I want to share with you their MV

One 4 U

Never Let Go

Their flawless debut stage..unlike other rookies, they're just AWESOME!!!!

120602 MuCore

120603 Inkigayo

120605 Show Champion

120607 MCountdown


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  2. waaawww... you're so into DSP! me too. haha..
    suke sgt DSP yang kua kan byk best group. kita same! suke SS501.. kara.. And now? A-Jax!! haha.

    1. haha..the one n only company i love!!!!i'm DSPbiased~~~haha..let's share our love on DSParadise!!!!haha


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