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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


A-JAX back with new song (don't know digital single or what, hopefully its full album including previous songs, ONE 4 U n NEVER LET GO)..check out the MV

What I love in this MV is, NICOLE!!!!haha..she play the seductress role wonder DSP chose her..I can't imagine if GYURI is the one chosen..haha..for sure, I laugh my heart out~~

The parts that catch my eyes the most are HYOJUN scene where he pulled NICOLE (kyaa!!)..he looks manly when doing dat~~haha..can't stop smiling when watching that part..the next one is YUNYOUNG's part where he smiling to handsome!!! I recently add YUNYOUNG to my biased list alongside with HYOJUN, JAEHYUNG n SEUNGYEOB..haha..YUNYOUNG is currently my 2nd biased after HYOJUN (he will always be my #1)

hope this song will doing great in chart, n hope DSP will continue promote them n no matter what happen (since they will promote simultaneously in Japan, as i know, PURETTY also will debut), i always hope DSP will not being biased or giving up any of those two..

no matter what people call, DSPlove, DSParadise, i always n will always be DSPbiased!!!they'll always be my fav regardless what people say coz' can't take my eyes off these gorgeous people living in DSP~~~haha


  1. my biased lists are seungJin ~ SeungYeub ~ SungMin !! haha

    1. haha..let's spread our love for A-JAX!!!!


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