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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


(warning, purely biased since I really love KARA n CN bashing, plz..)

i'm attending gda on the first day.. the event start with a great performance from MC YONGHWA n NICOLE!!!!what can i say, YONGHWA is a born entertainer!!!love his voice soo much!!i can assure he's among the few that singing live last is NICOLE sexy!!! truly sexy..i'm sure many male fans wish to be the chair..haha..

after the perf ended,of course they begin mc-ing..cute nicole bowing to yonghwa as if yonghwa is her sunbae when she's the one debuted 3 years before yonghwa..haha..n yonghwa SEYPANG, really funny..haha..

the perf was boring until FT ISLAND save the day..really..i'm telling the truth..FT ISLAND really did save the night..feel like i'm in their concert during the infamous  "LONELY2" dance..haha..all the guitarist plus basist going to the t-zone stage..haha..

CN BLUE perf, what can i say, they're really good!!!yonghwa, jonghyun, both sound really great singing live..forgot to mention, hongki really happy got to watch them live!!!my dream comes true!!!

another great stage came from BEAST..really deserve the best artist award..singing live, dancing, but still sound perfect, no wonder they're among the few receiving loudest cheer..btw, after the 1st song, kikwang is missing..anyone know here he goes??haha..really a BEAUTIFUL NIGHT.really enjoy their perf..all of them r so hyper dancing to that song..HYUNSEUNG maybe did some love mission??haha..saw him doing something, but, not sure..haha..

KARA stage, it's unforgettable..first, bcoz they're the reason i went there yesterday..2nd is bcoz of their awesomeness..haha..lucky us got to watch PANDORA twice..all thanks to the overheated spotlight..the perf is soooo good!!!what can i say more..n they singing live too..i know it since i recognize listening to their song everyday..of course i know how they're sounded..back to the the PANDORA perf come to end, the timing is great..if u watching, u know what i 1st, i thought it was part of the perf since they just dancing normally..thought that they're going to dance like a shadow..looking good actually..professional kara.carry on dancing like nothing happen..after pandora end, as they walk to the front stage n greet the fans, one staff approaching, maybe asking them to perf again..nicole keep saying sorry..they prepared again..back at the stairs, woth starting pose..after like 3 times, they went down from the stage..n, this is where witty yonghwa come..haha..asking fans to wave..haha..n, sporting fans even cheering KARA KARA KARA together even i know not many of them are kamilia, actually..tq..haha..then, they perform again..after that STEP!!the stage i missed during last year WORLD STAGE..finally got to watch it..haha..then, MISTER..but, the girls tired already..can see from the beginning..only NICOLE dance well..the others are too tired..i have one funny story to share though..during MISTER perf, all the ajusshi from security, medic, police n even the parents that just waiting for their kids are all focused to the stage funny..this really wil boost their popularity in MALAYSIA..haha..ah,they already is MALAYSIAN MOST FAVORITE though together with CN BLUE..

YONGHWA n NICOLE really did a very good job mc- ing..great chemistry..maybe bcoz' both r super bubly..haha..n YONGHWA taught NICOLE many weird things..haha..the "WOW!" n "LONELY2" dance..haha..n, YONGHWA butt dance with GYURI n HARA was epic..haha..really, great night!!!

btw, why are the male idols are all so skinny???the female look normal though..but, the male..i even shock looking at some of them..

anyway, regardless who won last night, it was really an enjoyable night..really..all of them deserve the award..their hard work must be paid though..
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