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Monday, 30 July 2012


something wrong with me today..tak tau kenapa..actually, start dari few days back lepas borak dengan someone..he said bout something yang berjaya ubah my perception regarding one great matter..seriously, i don't even think bout that before..lepas borak dengan orang tu, tak pasal-pasal, terfikir serious gila pasal benda tu..

whoever read VERSUS before, mesti faham apa yang aku nak some turning point of our life, kita mesti nak change for good..itu yang aku rasa sekarang..i wanna change..but, the hardest thing is, i don't even know what i've done wrong..apa yang perlu aku betulkan, itu yang aku tak nampak..

in the end, mood aku hari ni, spoil!!!!even ada member tegur, kenapa kau ni??? ok tak???

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


why am i choosing this topic to write??? are they related??? are they long-lost sisters???haha..first, i will introduce both of them..some might know SITI while some not..same as GYURI..some might know her, some might never came across to this name..

SITI NURHALIZA is malaysian very own singer..#1!!! she is dubbed as VOICE OF ASIA having one great voice..she can sing traditional, ballad, pop and even rock..she's versatile singer..

as for PARK GYURI, she is a member of KARA, one of korean best girl group nowadays..she's the leader..also main vocal for the group..she's said to convey emotion well in her singing..some might say her singing is just ok, but, the most important thing is that, her singing do included emotion in it..

ok, straight to the are they related..simple..i just finish watching KARASIA, and i found something really interesting..while listening to GYURI singing on her solo song, suddenly her voice reminds me of SITI NURHALIZA..not identically same, but it is SIMILAR!!!here's the proof:



to wrap this up:
Phrase 1: SITI NURHALIZA is #1 singer
Phrase 2: PARK GYURI voice is similar to SITI NURHALIZA
Conclusion: PARK GYURI is #1 !!!!!keke


it's begin~~~another long one month here in MALACCA!!!! why would i must go to this survey camp for one month and its FASTING MONTH for God's sake!!!argh!!!frustrated...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


A-JAX back with new song (don't know digital single or what, hopefully its full album including previous songs, ONE 4 U n NEVER LET GO)..check out the MV

What I love in this MV is, NICOLE!!!!haha..she play the seductress role wonder DSP chose her..I can't imagine if GYURI is the one chosen..haha..for sure, I laugh my heart out~~

The parts that catch my eyes the most are HYOJUN scene where he pulled NICOLE (kyaa!!)..he looks manly when doing dat~~haha..can't stop smiling when watching that part..the next one is YUNYOUNG's part where he smiling to handsome!!! I recently add YUNYOUNG to my biased list alongside with HYOJUN, JAEHYUNG n SEUNGYEOB..haha..YUNYOUNG is currently my 2nd biased after HYOJUN (he will always be my #1)

hope this song will doing great in chart, n hope DSP will continue promote them n no matter what happen (since they will promote simultaneously in Japan, as i know, PURETTY also will debut), i always hope DSP will not being biased or giving up any of those two..

no matter what people call, DSPlove, DSParadise, i always n will always be DSPbiased!!!they'll always be my fav regardless what people say coz' can't take my eyes off these gorgeous people living in DSP~~~haha
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