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Thursday, 13 December 2012


haha..weird title..what is actually the relationship between football and kpop???here's the answer:

  1. MALAYSIA vs thailand semi AFF Suzuki Cup 2012..referee Lee Min Hu from SOUTH KOREA
  2. 1950 kick-off..
  3. Malaysian player being fouled every time they tackle the BALL!!!
  4. Mat Yo being tackled by player no7 the same time, one Thailand player provoking Fadhli Shas.. both got YELLOWED..
  5. FADHLI SHAS got the 2nd YELLOW CARD for the incident..end up, RED CARDED..(tq, ref)
  6. The biased match continue until Thailand score 2 goals, already late for MALAYSIAN comeback..
  7. Whistle blown..MALAYSIA 0 : 2 thailand
The biased referee is from SOUTH KOREA..some make fun of the fact..relate it with KPOP (isn't KOREA famous for it's KPOP??) started as a joke..yet, some immature people took the joke seriously..end up, mad at it..

dear people, please grow..i'm sick of immature fans backing up KOREA like they born in that country! saying MALAYSIAN are's you who are shallow minded..if you LOVE that country much, please, leave this land..go to that's not like MALAYSIA lose anything if you go there..

For others, don't make such a's offending others, actually..especially for people who can't tolerate with jokes. 

btw, we lose because of two factors is a FACT..the major one is because of biased referee..and the second is our lack in tactical..our defense is weak..we lose to thailand in the midfield..and, our attack can't break through thailand blame it all on the referee, is pathetic..

Saturday, 8 December 2012


ALHAMDULILLAH..sehari lepas dapat offer ke LEICESTER, aku dapat offer EDINBURGH!!!!memang sangat ternanti-nanti offer dari u ni..memang sangat nak!!! sumpah, happy gila!!!! masa dapat email tu, ingat kot ada lagi document kena hantar..sebab dia tulis macam ni:

email dia macam biasa~~~selalu suruh tengok application portal dia..upload itu, upload ini..then, aku pun bukak je portal tu macam biasa. tapi, lain macam sikit rasa.. berdebar semacam. dup dap dup dap..haha..then ada nampak banyak intray message..

pening juga masa tu. apa dia cakap ni? berdebar2. lepas tu, aku nampak link pasal offer. klik link tu, berkali-kali aku baca apa dia tulis. 

ALHAMDULILLAH..dapat conditional offer. sumpah! happy gila! masa tu tengah apply nak g uni lain (ni je kerja aku sejak dari sem lepas..hehe)..terus lari turun bawah bawak laptop, tunjuk kat member2 semua. HAPPY GILA!!!!lepas tu, semua sibuk post kt fb..famous jap..hehe..

lepas ni, kena amek IELTS, cari sponsor..moga2 semua dipermudah..ROAD TO EDINBURGH

InsyaAllah, next septembet kat sinilah aku belajar

p/s-special thanks to my supervisor, DR WAN NAIM sebab banyak tolong..tak tau nak balas macam mana. i really owe you. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


what a week~~~ALHAMDULILLAH..minggu ni aku dapat banyak happy news~~~ALHAMDULILLAH..happy sangat2~~bersyukur yang teramat sangat..after a bad week last 2 week, minggu ni, tersangatlah happy~~~nak mula dengan yang happy ke bad??haha..

2 minggu lepas, aku dapat dua bad or sad news..sangat sedih minggu tu.. ada dua benda yang jadi. first, SHELL REJECT AKU!!!!huhu..sedih~~~SHELL tak nak amek aku kerja dengan diorang~~huhu..sedih gila ni~~punyalah semangat nak kerja offshore, patah semangat macam tu je~~huhu..dia kata:

sedih bukak email tu~~huhu..the second one yang sedih is; my application untuk further master kat NEWCASTLE UNI kena reject~~huhu..sedih paling sedih compare dengan SHELL punya kes~~dari dulu dah aim nak masuk NEWCASTLE kot~~tiba2, kena reject~~~sedih gila~~subuh2, tengok email..dapat dari NEWCASTLE..apa lagi, aku pun bukak email tu..dia tulis camni:

patah semangat betol!!!!huhu..but, ahad lepas..jeng3~~~ada great news!!!!tak taulah kalau bagi korang tak great mana pun..tapi bagi aku, this is SUPER GREAT!!!!my supervisor nak hantar my thesis pergi CONFERENCE kat HANOI!!!!yeay!!!!sangat happy..bangga gila..time tu, dekat CAMERON~~holiday ngan family~~suddenly, dapat mesej..dr. wan suruh saya check email~~ingat kenapa, rupanya, dia cakap macam ni:

ALHAMDULILLAH sangat2~~happy gila..terus bagitau family sume masa tu~~hehe..n, my parents r super proud!!n, aku happy juga dapat bagi diorang bangga after what i did for my SPM (super bad, masa tu)..happy dapat tebus balik semua ni~~hehe..hopefully, my thesis dapat masuk conference tu..dr.wan baru nak hantar abstract..lepas abstract ok, baru dapat hantar CONFERENCE PAPER~~hehe

Belum habis happy pasal CONFERENCE (HANOI, HERE I COME~~hehe), bangun subuh tadi, dapat another great news~~~kenapalah aku suka check email it came!! DREAM COMES TRUE!!!ni paling happy!!!!berkali-kali aku check email aku~~haha..

congrats to step, kena cari sponsor dulu apa2 supervisor kata, kalau nak pergi bawah UiTM punya tajaan (dats mean TPM), Leicester Uni tak boleh~~huhu..sedih sikit..tapi, takpe..usaha cari lain~~~MARA ada..JPA ada~~hehe..hopefully semua ok~~~

Thursday, 15 November 2012


my newly fav boy group, AJAX released their new MV today~~yeay!!! 2MYX, pronounced as TO MY is said that this song is a reply to SNSD - RUN DEVIL RUN..hmm, interesting..just like RAINBOW- Not Your Girl reply to SS501 - U R Man..

this song is really catchy..i actually love all their songs..i can't choose my fav..but, one thing for sure, with this song, I knew they'll become big in KOREA since they already attract attention with replying RDR~~haha..

here's the MV:

Yo! This is A-JAX 2MYX

(I’m getting tired) This war with you is still never ending
(Honestly) I’m so sick of this now
My playboy image is something you gave me
(Thank you) I’m just truly thankful

(Baby You know why)
While I played with you
(Now I’m telling you, you were completely deceived)
I’m no fun and I have no manners
I’m Devil I’m Devil You’ve gotta let it go!

I’d better run runaway
Thank you sweet my lady
I’ll be expecting a hotter you
So in turn, please stop caring about me
I also forgot someone like you

All the girls in my phone
They’re all girls that you made happen
If I explain, it’ll just sound like excuses
Your obsessive nature, now good bye

(Baby You know why)
While I played with you
(Now I’m telling you, you were completely deceived)
I’m no fun and I have no manners
I’m Devil I’m Devil You’ve gotta let it go!

I’d better run runaway
Thank you sweet my lady
I’ll be expecting a hotter you
So in turn, please stop caring about me
I also forgot someone like you

In this big world
(Just you`d better head down)
Half consists of girls – don’t you dare think about coming back
(Never ever girl)

You’d better know about me
Why are you pretending you’re better than me?
Check again and see who’s in whose hands
Tear a page, you’re crazy
Don’t be stupid and let me go
(You’d better go)

I’d better run runaway
Thank you sweet my lady
I’ll be expecting a hotter you
So in turn, please stop caring about me
I also forgot someone like you

I’d better run runaway
Thank you sweet my lady
I’ll be expecting a hotter you
So in turn, please stop caring about me
I also forgot someone like you

Run away, don’t be mistaken, you’re just one of them
Second? or Third? Even that’s too much for you
Turn around. Get off ma way
I said Get off ma way.. No doubt!

now, let's compare it with SNSD RDR:

they replying with these sentences:

Half of the world are men, it makes no difference if you’re gone.
I’m going to wait by myself for a guy who will only look at me.


(In this big world
(Just you`d better head down)
Half consists of girls – don’t you dare think about coming back
(Never ever girl)

There is no one like me. I’m disappointed that you tried to trick me.
I’m much better than all of them. What are you going to be if you keep acting like that?
(I told you not to fool around) I told you to do well while I loved you.


You’d better know about me
Why are you pretending you’re better than me?
Check again and see who’s in whose hands
Tear a page, you’re crazy
Don’t be stupid and let me go
(You’d better go)

they really reply! :D

Monday, 5 November 2012


Geomatics is one of the wide and oldest fields in history. Since centuries before, this field already was being used in term of mapping in ancient famous journey. Every single thing on the earth can actually be modeled mathematically. Geomatics is the answer. As a wide field, there are many job opportunity in this area. One of it is license land surveyor.

To be a license land surveyor, there are several steps to be done before one will be the one. First and foremost, they must apply for the title. Before that, they must register as the member of ISM to take all the exam provided to be LLS. The exam cost RM 20 and carried out once a year. They must be a Malaysian citizen with the minimum qualification for applying is:

  1. STPM or equivalent with a pass  in Mathematics
  2.  Pass examination accepted by Board including pass in Mathematics
  3. Pass final professional examination provided by ISM
  4.  Diploma in Land Surveying in any recognized institutes by Board
  5. Advanced Diploma from ITM
  6. Bachelor Degree of Land Surveying in any institutions recognized by Board

They will be undergoing an articleship for minimum 2 years with both office data processing and field work. They must apply for articleship under other LLS with minimum 5 years work. They must sit for the exams which include:

Part I: Cadastral Practice

This includes all law and regulations related to land title.

 Part II: Practical work report

For the articleship, the applicant must prepare the report for the work they done in field and office which includes:
·         Title Survey for land partition with area more than 2.5 ha for mixed development or land alienation of 50 lots plus the refixation, Solar Observation except for e-Kadaster and Road reserve marking for the subdivision work

·         Title Survey for agriculture land with minimum 3 lots with area more than 7 ha including the refixation, sharing boundaries of 2 lots and azimuth by Solar Observation

·         Large scale topographic mapping with contour height, detail surveying and plan showing the contour, etc.

·         Engineering survey project with horizontal and vertical datum, easement, road center line alignment, topographic and longitudinal and cross sectional

·         Photogrammetric mapping project or hydrographic or bathymetric survey with minimum 25 ha at the seashore with middle scale, tide gauge, coordinate and control point, etc.

·         Subdivision layout with road access and the lot arrangement following the department of town and regional specification

      Part III: Practical and oral test
      After the report submitted, the applicant needs to undergo the practical test at Taman Permata which includes all title survey and leveling also making plan.
     The oral test or Viva in front of the panels will determine whether the applicant qualified to be LLS or not. The test include the surveyor working etiquette, code or professional conduct and related topics, new technologies and equipment in survey, any other land survey related topic.

Once all three stages finished, the applicant must apply for cancellation of articleship and apply for registration as LLS. The applicant must plead never making any crime then pay for RM 50 for applying the license. After that, the applicant must inform the Board the company name they wish to open.

Now, the official LLS can open the office providing several survey services and hire the staffs. The new regulations state that LLS can’t open another branch of offices but, they can move their office. The license must be renewed by point merit. This can be achieved by attending seminar, convention, etc.

Every LLS must follow working etiquette as required by the Board. If they are not following the etiquette, their license might be cancelled. Some of the working etiquette is:

Apart from being a LLS that open a company, land surveyor can also work in private or government sector such as construction company, oil and gas, etc. No matter inside or outside of or country, land surveyor can survive whenever the survey services is needed.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Speaker: Dr. Laili

Remote Sensing is one of the most in favor technology that demanded today. As it can be applied for various fields, many prefer the uses of remote sensing rather than other technology. Some of the applications include town planning, agriculture, engineering, environment and more. For the past years, remote sensing had bee collaborating with GIS for a better data manipulation and representation.

To be in the remote sensing industry, one should know almost everything about the technology from the basic principle to its data capturing methods and processing to its application. One should know the basic concept of remote sensing which the measurement of earth surface is without being in contact directly with the surface. The data capturing method is varies. The latest one is UAV which is the remote-controller plane that flied over the area to be measured. The cost of this plane is nearly RM100000. There are other methods such as satellite imagery, LIDAR, RADAR, LANDSAT, SPOT, IKONOS and etc. The only differences of all this images are its resolution. Some of them are having a very bad resolution which is nearly impossible to be used for a detailed mapping. Some is good for many applications such as soil fertility monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring and more. Nowadays, the use of satellite imagery is no longer relevant as the resolution is really bad plus the presence of cloud and haze. So, the other technology is preferred such as UAV. Even the cost to buy it is high, the profit gained for projects using it is worth. For data processing, one must know well the methodology to be used. The raw image basically can’t be used directly for analysis. It must be registered first or in other words geocoded. This is to make sure the coordinates and projection of the image is in a good condition. Once the image geocoded, then only it can be manipulated for other application. For manipulating the data, one should no the characteristics of the data and what it capable to do. Some satellite image use surface temperature for data capturing, so it is very good to be used for temperature monitoring. Some image used light reflectivity which can be used for vegetation and water quality monitoring. These are all depending on how well we know about the data to manipulate them for various applications.

In Malaysia, there are three agencies responsible for this field which is ANGKASA, MACRES and ARMA. These agencies play different role in providing remote sensing data that can be used for various applications mentioned earlier. The satellite receiving station in Malaysia located in Mentakab, Pahang.
This remote sensing and GIS field is really suitable for Geomatics students that have a high interest in this field. Also, for whoever already doing the thesis paper regarding this field, they should continue on working in this environment.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


being born in SELANGOR, i grew up in the most successful state in MALAYSIA which great in almost fav is sport..i grew up experiencing SELANGOR unbeaten champs record for homeland is unbeaten in every single thing, that was what i grew up with..i grew up with the RED GIANTS success..i grew up introduced to azman adnan and mokhtar dahari..even i was watching amri yahyah debut game and his legendary golden goal..i remember at that time,slangor fiercest rival was PERAK which was my parents homeland..watching football at that time was so fun..even when our team lost,nobody will offend each other..the RESPECT that FIFA emphasize today, we already practised it long before..believe it or not..aside from malaysia soccer scenario, i alrady fancy of CHELSEA at that time..all my brothers also have their own respective fav team..haha..we always bickered bout who's better..i grw up knowing dennis berkamp..owen when he was in liverpool..alan shearer..beckham with his legendary corner n free kick..giggs..n many more which i can't named today..

10 years before, nobody really care bout malaysia soccer team..nwhen i said i wanna watch soccer game at tv, my friends will belittled one care how our team doing in sea games or even malaysia league..the scenario change starting aff suzuki that time i remember me and my brothers who already being a football folower since our childhood betting that malaysia will not go far..

i am happy that our football is now expand..but, what upset me the most is the fans attitude..before, even how many times RED GIANTS win the cup, nobody will be a civilized citizen, nobody will offend others..n nobody will be offended..everyone will respecting each other..even at that time PERAK lost to SELANGOR, they will be no bickering at all..the SELANGORIANS will not offended PERAK and the PERAKS will not insulting the winning team..the scenario now is the opposite..even if your team won, just keep the joy..don't harm others..i was thee watching SELANGOR dethroned by the KEDAH unexpected rise in early 2000..even so, the KEDAH's people are not offending others at that time even their team is unbeaten at that time..

my post might offending some, but this is  all i can do..i can't stand some of the fans' behaviour..if your team won, that's it..learn to respect others..that's their homeland you saying bout..the land they grew up parents are from PERAK..pure PERAK..most of my relatives are from there..most of them then migrate to SELANGOR as this is the most modern state providing gighest job oppurtunity in MALAYSIA..don't say it is KL since KL is not even a state..n if you learn history, you'll know KL was a part of SELANGOR..this is SELANGOR the land i grew up in..the land giving my parents jobs..the land teach me abc 123.. the land i attending university on it..the land that civilizing me..i respect n thank this land for letting me born n live on it..this is why never ever in my life thinking of offending this land.. call it assabiyah, i call it love n respect..i'm sure others think the same as i might not be SELANGOR only..if you live in JB,respect that state too..i studied in PAHANG for five years, even till now, still love n spect that state for kindly letting me a PERAK daugther born n live in SELANGOR for studying there..please n please respect others than,ths will rspect you..

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


SHINEE is coming to KL this november..the thing is, the tix is too expansive~~huhu..anyone boleh support???treat me as the birthday present~~hehe..plz501x~~i really wanna meet JONGHYUN!!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012


My precious treasures: Proof that I'm a KAMILIA and TRIPLE S~~



oh, last but not least, K5J perfume which I specially bought for my 22nd birthday last month..

Friday, 10 August 2012


dah masuk 10 malam terakhir..means, lagi berapa hari je nak raya!!!! ok, its next week!!!!! and why am i still here in Malacca stuck with this SURVEY CAMP!!!!!!this is my ninth year puasa jauh dengan family, but, ni yang paling sedih kot~~~paling terasa..don't know why~~~maybe sebab tarawikh kat kampung morten, suasana sebijik macam dekat kampung kot~~huhu

13 haribulan ni baru nak present..and i'm here stuck finishing the report!!!!adoyai, prof, boleh tak 14 saye nak balik RAWANG????

16/8, please be fast..tak sabar nak balik RAWANG..nak jalan-jalan kat JALAN TAR..nak tarawikh kat BATU 16..nak bukak kat 221 JALAN AMAN..

Thursday, 2 August 2012


been nervous past this week..the rumours that many failed GIS haunted me..but, deep inside my heart, i believe in my lecturer, Dr. Khoiri won't failed me..the other subjects, i don't worry much actually except for FIELD SCHEME II since i only manage to got B+ last semester..

woke up at 4.15 a.m, i went to my friends' room to woke them up..then, passing by the study desks, i suddenly curious bout my result..opening my dearest lappy, i singed in onto YAHOO and guess what?? i checked my result!!!!

scroll down, i see the GPA and CGPA..ALHAMDULILLAH..thank you ALLAH for granted my wish!!!!

Monday, 30 July 2012


something wrong with me today..tak tau kenapa..actually, start dari few days back lepas borak dengan someone..he said bout something yang berjaya ubah my perception regarding one great matter..seriously, i don't even think bout that before..lepas borak dengan orang tu, tak pasal-pasal, terfikir serious gila pasal benda tu..

whoever read VERSUS before, mesti faham apa yang aku nak some turning point of our life, kita mesti nak change for good..itu yang aku rasa sekarang..i wanna change..but, the hardest thing is, i don't even know what i've done wrong..apa yang perlu aku betulkan, itu yang aku tak nampak..

in the end, mood aku hari ni, spoil!!!!even ada member tegur, kenapa kau ni??? ok tak???

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


why am i choosing this topic to write??? are they related??? are they long-lost sisters???haha..first, i will introduce both of them..some might know SITI while some not..same as GYURI..some might know her, some might never came across to this name..

SITI NURHALIZA is malaysian very own singer..#1!!! she is dubbed as VOICE OF ASIA having one great voice..she can sing traditional, ballad, pop and even rock..she's versatile singer..

as for PARK GYURI, she is a member of KARA, one of korean best girl group nowadays..she's the leader..also main vocal for the group..she's said to convey emotion well in her singing..some might say her singing is just ok, but, the most important thing is that, her singing do included emotion in it..

ok, straight to the are they related..simple..i just finish watching KARASIA, and i found something really interesting..while listening to GYURI singing on her solo song, suddenly her voice reminds me of SITI NURHALIZA..not identically same, but it is SIMILAR!!!here's the proof:



to wrap this up:
Phrase 1: SITI NURHALIZA is #1 singer
Phrase 2: PARK GYURI voice is similar to SITI NURHALIZA
Conclusion: PARK GYURI is #1 !!!!!keke


it's begin~~~another long one month here in MALACCA!!!! why would i must go to this survey camp for one month and its FASTING MONTH for God's sake!!!argh!!!frustrated...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


A-JAX back with new song (don't know digital single or what, hopefully its full album including previous songs, ONE 4 U n NEVER LET GO)..check out the MV

What I love in this MV is, NICOLE!!!!haha..she play the seductress role wonder DSP chose her..I can't imagine if GYURI is the one chosen..haha..for sure, I laugh my heart out~~

The parts that catch my eyes the most are HYOJUN scene where he pulled NICOLE (kyaa!!)..he looks manly when doing dat~~haha..can't stop smiling when watching that part..the next one is YUNYOUNG's part where he smiling to handsome!!! I recently add YUNYOUNG to my biased list alongside with HYOJUN, JAEHYUNG n SEUNGYEOB..haha..YUNYOUNG is currently my 2nd biased after HYOJUN (he will always be my #1)

hope this song will doing great in chart, n hope DSP will continue promote them n no matter what happen (since they will promote simultaneously in Japan, as i know, PURETTY also will debut), i always hope DSP will not being biased or giving up any of those two..

no matter what people call, DSPlove, DSParadise, i always n will always be DSPbiased!!!they'll always be my fav regardless what people say coz' can't take my eyes off these gorgeous people living in DSP~~~haha

Thursday, 28 June 2012


huhu..just a simple post bout my disappointment towards my favourite football team ever, GERMANY~~~after great games, dubbed as EURO'12 BEST PLAY TEAM, they beaten to 2nd place group stage team, ITALY~~~

what a disappointment when I know GERMAN is way much better than ITALY, and many know that..but football, is not about the skills only..LUCK play vital role too~~not to blame NEUER, GOMEZ, or just, LUCK favour ITALY in this game~~~GERMANY, always lost in semis and always lost to ITALY~~

btw, GERMANY got a very young, i bet 2 years later, this team will challenge again in a race to win WORLD CUP~~

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


28/6: Environmental Studies

3/7: Urban Planning

6/7: Geographical Information System II

12/7: Sustainable Development

Thursday, 7 June 2012


DSP, my favourite company producing a new boy group!!!!OMG!!!!they're super hot!!!didn't i said before DSP = HOME OF GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!!! welcome to DSParadise, A-JAX!!!!their name might be lame, sounds like a detergent here in MALAYSIA, but hey, they're HOT!!!haha..

ever since DSP announced they'll produce new boy group after SS501 left the company back then in 2010, I began to follow this group news..they rumored to be debuted last year's November, but push back to this May..

DSP began to released teasers for each member starting to my first favourite member, JAEHYUNG~~ he kinda remind me of HYUNGJUN..similar facial features..hehe..the moment i saw the teaser, I know he'll be the face..but then, I began to like HYOJUN!!! he might not be as handsome as JAEHYUNg, but, he's HOT!!! I just love how manly his smile is..he's my favourite now..

my new biased is SEUNGYEOB..haha..eventhough he's younger by me, no sweat..i love him..he's manly..i love his voice the most!!!!haha..

Now, I want to share with you their MV

One 4 U

Never Let Go

Their flawless debut stage..unlike other rookies, they're just AWESOME!!!!

120602 MuCore

120603 Inkigayo

120605 Show Champion

120607 MCountdown

Monday, 28 May 2012


Just wanna share with whoever still not giving up trying to win the passes~~~haha..actually, its all depends on our luck with a bit of intelligence..

  1. Analyze the good timing to play the game..don't just play it non-stop..try to put yourself in MTV shoes..when will the passes will be given???this is all you need to think. I also did that to win the passes..hehe..and my analysis work well!!!haha..what did I do??? I play the game for every 10 minutes and click to play it exactly when the timer show the 0 seconds..also, try not to play when many people play it too..the most ideal timing is during the 4-6 am session..and also when the MTV web is down, try to refresh it many time until it good and faster click the play button..
  2. Fill the details smartly..try to copy the previous entry and just paste it in the next one..this reduce time..i am lucky since my lappy automatically save all my details.
  3. Luck play vital role..of course in a contest like this, luck is important..we don't know exactly when did MTV will give the passes..
  4. Don't give up..this is the key..if you feel tired as you got the STAND A CHANCE TO WIN many times, don't be..keep got another one month for this contest..keep trying

I really hope this tips will help the unstoppable fans out there especially my fellow KAMILIA!!!plz don't give up and keep trying..we need to be there for our KARA!!!they need to know MALAYSIAN KAMILIA great too!!!!

P/S wanna share this link wif u guys:


finally, KARA will come to MALAYSIA!!!!yeay!!!after all my waiting..they went to THAILAND, SINGAPORE, all MALAYSIAN neighbour..but never MALAYSIA..but, yeay!!!thanks to MTV ASIA for giving me opportunity to watch them live in the WORLD STAGE!!!!yeay!!!but, the passes are just too hard to grab~~for the most unlucky person alive like me, who never won anything related to luck before, this contest is just super hard!!!!

i keep getting the STAND A CHANCE TO WIN for hundreds times and SORRY, YOU DIDN'T WIN ANYTHING for 8 times..super unlucky, right???haha..

but, finally, the fine 6.03 pm mark the history..when everyone fussing how the MTV web got down, i got through and win the instant passes!!!yeay!!! so lucky!!!

can't wait to watch KARA this coming July 14..even there's so many BELIEBERS, I don't care..even there small number of KAMILIA, i don't long as I'm able to watch the GODDESS GYURI, HAMMIE SEUNGYEON, COOL HARA, WEIRD NICOLE and MAKNAE JIYOUNG~~~haha..can't wait!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Do you remember 
Our time together before
Even for a slightest moment 
You might not remember
Still fresh in my head
How great you are
And how much I admire you before

That little admire thing
Bloom another sweet feeling
Your gaze,
Your smile,
Your laugh,
Locked in my head

There's you 
Whenever I smile,
I'm happy,
I'm alone,
I'm in dark,
You pulling me out

The bitter fact
You'll never know
You'll never ever know
Never ever know

The untold story
Nobody will know 


Monday, 7 May 2012


Imagine that the world does not have a proper land-use planning. Development growths everywhere and brings neither enhancement impact nor good.  Conflict over the land use usage might be a serious case for the next generation.
            Land is a part of earth surface that is not covered by water, as opposed to the sea or the air, (Google, 2012). Meanwhile, land-use planning bring a meaning of an amount of land to be generate which have a specific function for different human purposes or for any economic activities. For example, residential area, commercial centre, recreational park, nature protection nature and many more.
             In Europe, land-use planning can be divided into several classifications, develop by the Economic Commission for Europe such;
        i.            Forest and other wooded land
      ii.            Agricultural land
    iii.            Built-up and related land (excluding scattered farm building)
     iv.            Wet open land
       v.            Dry open land with special vegetation cover
     vi.            Open land without or with significant vegetation covers and water.
Most of the classifications made by EC for Europe are good to be absorbed and practise in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the land-use planning and controlling development of land uses is exercised primarily by the local and state authorities. Moreover, in Malaysia, the adoption of land use planning approach varies depend on the context, experiences and practices of the urban development process, in particular places and time (Ibrahim, 1998)
            It is important to apply land-use planning in once country. Furthermore, land-use planning plays an important role in the management of change. The need for changes in land use, or action to prevent some unwanted change must be accepted by the people involved.

Importance of Land Use Planning

3.1 Society
3.1.1 Society-Individual
Land use planning is to manage the development of land within its jurisdictions. In doing so, the developer unit can plan for the needs of the individual, community and business while safeguarding natural resources. The sustainable city is the city which provides their own needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs too. There are many assessments on land planning and land management that have been done and still in progress to find the needs of individual and communities. People who live in urban and rural area have different needs and from time to time their needs are keep changes.
In a land use planning that meets the need of individuals; they have to assess the residential area. The housing layout must meet the criteria such as safe neighborhood, attractive surrounding and the public utilities that developer has offered with their housing design. First, the safety requirement in residential area is important to be achieved. The expectation that developer can make the housing area is safety is by less road access. The road access is less, the more safety the residential area. This may avoid from robber cases in residential area. Plus, the good road design can reduce the accident rates. Hence, it must avoid from build the Y-shape road, staggered junction and others road design that can cause accident. The safety that developer can provides also are by placing CCTV on the main road to secure the in-out vehicles in residential area, the pass card for every residents as they have to show the card on the main entrances, and others. Secondly, the attractive surrounding may enhance the people to live in the area.      Kuala Lumpur as the metropolitan city provides a residential area which is living in urban-green environment. This is a good way to people who are still thinking to have a fresh air in urban area. This is attracting because when the urban heat affects people lives, the planting trees on that area can be the cold-agent to fight the heat emitted in the urban area. The nice landscape design also attracts people to living in that area as it automatically provides a beautiful panorama for residents.

The public utilities are one of the important criteria in housing management. It is a need for everyone to have good utilities surrounding their residential area. The public utilities are such as the electricity provided, water supply in that area, the waste management, the telecommunication services and district cooling. The electricity and water supply are two main things that human need in their daily lives. Hence, the electrical sub-station should be installed in those areas to provide the electric current for all residents without making any major problems to residents. The water supply is important, and developers have to be concern on water supply. The water tank should be place in the right location such as on a hill as it can give a smooth water flow to houses. The oxidation pond should be far away from the residential area because it is not a nice surrounding if it places together and the smell could make the residents to feel uncomfortable.  One of the reasons people will choose to live in that residential area is because the telecommunication provided. The telecommunications provided are such as the wireless internet area such as UNIFI, the TM Net telecommunication, the Digi, Celcom and Maxis telecommunication territory area. In this high technology modern world, it is important for people to communicate indirectly using internet and cell phones.

3.1.2 Society-Community
In housing development planning those have to meet the need of the community is important to be achieved. It is more to plan and manage the housing development for everyone living in that development area. The developer has to think deeply on the public facilities that have to build strategically in that development area, the places of worship, community area and sub-commercial area. All of these four areas need to be located at perfect location. This is because developer responsible to ensure a comfort life for everyone living in that area and build a good community relationship between residents.
The sub-commercial centre should have an easy road access and near for everyone to go. It is suitable to be located on the centre of the development area as residents can go to the location in few minutes only. It is better if the sub-commercial centre has its own pedestrian walk for safety. Developer should take note for bungalow houses and semi-detached houses should have their own privacy, hence developer should create a natural obstruction between sub-commercial areas with this type of houses area by make a linear park surrounding the houses area.
The places of worship have to be built as it is one of the important buildings in residential area. Community also can have a good time together by going to this place of worship with many purposes can be held by them. Public facilities satisfy specific individual or community needs are including the safety and security, communication, recreation, sport, education, health, religious, cultural and social. The public amenities that most of the developers have equipped are such as the sport complexes which are futsal court, gym and swimming pool. The recreation park for community to get fresh air while jog and their kids can play at playground can creates a nice community area where people are spending their time in the nice recreation park.
The community hall is good for residents who live in terrace and low-cost houses area. They can make any community events using this community hall. Apart of it, when they want to make a wedding ceremony, they may use the community hall which provides the space for any big events. Hence, these development areas which meet the needs of community are good to be built.

3.1.3 Society-Bussines
Society. A term referred to the community of people living in a particular country or region and having shared customs, laws and organization. (Oxford,n.d). In other words, society is a group of people related to each other, sharing the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Next, what is business? It is an organization that engaged in the trade of goods and services to consumers. (Wikipedia, n.d). It share same definition as economy, the only difference is that business is something that we can see. Economy is more explicit, need to be analyzed to be seen through. Back to the topic, how does land use planning affect society business?
Never in my life had I seen a town without shops. Even in a very rural area, there’s still a shop, at least a small mini market selling goods for the residences. Not only it’ll provide all the necessities to the residence, it’ll also provide some sort of business for the seller. Hence, what actually its relationship with land use planning?
As mentioned before, a good design plan will provide maximum needs that’ll later attract many to invest in it. So, this is where the business is related. Nowadays, planner tends to include at least a row of shop lots into their design. This can bring some business prospect to a society interested in it. However, the attraction depends on how high the demand in that area. To make it simple, TESCO this day had been opened many of its branches all around the nation. It’s not open at random place. They look for a high density places to open their branch. For example, in Kampar, Perak, ten years before, people need to go to Ipoh, travelling nearly 50 kilometers just to go to a hypermarket. But, as the development absorbed into that area, resulting many residential and a university to be built there, TESCO take an action to open its branch there. Simplicity, the well-developed area, depends on how well it is designed which later will attract many business society to try the market there.
The previous paragraph focused mainly on the business involved society point of view. Now, we’ll look into the residential point of view. How exactly business affect this society of people as it invaded their residential. In a positive way, as there’s business opened near their area, no more worries for them to travel far just to buy a daily necessities. Planner nowadays always takes in account that the shops must be near to the residential, better if it’s only a walking distance. If not, they tend to plan to build one in the future which later gives the residence an easy life. On the other side, the developed business will also provide job opportunities for the residence. For example, as mentioned in previous paragraph, about TESCO. Before their newly opened branches can be operated, they need to employ large quantity of people to work under them. This create a job opportunities for a surrounding people which later will increase the income of the family. As the income increased, the societies’ status also increased. From a poor, with a job, they can climb on stairs to become a moderate family.
To cut a long story short, a well-planned land use can give benefits to the society in terms of business as it will create opportunities for a business society to open their business there. Not only have that, the land proprietor surrounding can benefits too as they can now enjoy the business opened and also working there.
3.2 Economy
3.2.1 Economy-Individual
Land use planning plays an important role in management of change to meet needs of individual economy. How can we elaborate that? First of all, what is economy? As defined by Oxford Dictionary, economy is the state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money. In simpler words, economy is activities related to the production and distribution of goods and services in a particular geographic region. Now, what is the relationship of management of change with economy?
Land use planning is already known for its ability affecting the economy status. In relation to real estate market, this is where land use planning play its role. However, how do it’s satisfy one economic status? For example, how did a middle-class person found the land use planning way benefit him? This is where Bacao quotes; “Good Design, Makes a Differences” seems relevant. The term design doesn’t actually means how beautiful and creative the plan is. It is actually depend on how the designs provide all the needs by public. This will later attract buyers whose really concern about how their investment will satisfy their all-must-paid taxes. It is normal for people to ask what they paid. For example, they pay the road taxes, so it is a must that the road always in a good condition without bringing any danger to them. They paid land revenue, so it is relevant they got a land without any problems. They paid all the utility bills, so it’s significant that they’ll provide with a good maintenance services. 
So, what exactly is the role of land use in management of change to meet needs of individual economy? First of all, in the point of view of the developer, if the planning is great, of course their products will succeed in tight market. It will attract the investors which will lead to the property to be sold. The competition in a real estate market is really high. Only the one provide great necessities will succeed. People nowadays tend to focus not only on the property designed; they also see how the surrounding will make their life comfort. To make it simple, ten years before, nobody think of buying a house near Templer’s Park, Rawang. Surrounded by reserve forest, it is exactly not for human to live on. But, in early 2000, certain developer start to develop that area as public began to take interest in that kind of green-peaceful area.
Secondly, from the land proprietor’s perspective, as the development around his land become rapidly change, his land value will also increase. This is great since he can sell his land at higher price than what he bought before. For the past ten years, many land value in Selangor is increased at least by 15% of its initial value. This is due to Selangor rapid development and its status as nation’s most modern state. This increasing of land value gained interest from the investors and economic analyst not only from inside but foreign country too.
In a nutshell, good land use planning do play an important role in change management for individual economy as it will bring income to the individual related to the land developed.
3.2.2 Economy-Community
In developing a strong economy, it is compulsory to have a community to make it works. Without community, an economy cannot be success. A community basically made up from a lot of different background people. If we may categorized based on occupation, there are people work with the government, with the private sector or open up their own business. In order to achieve a nice and strong economy, the land use planning must provide certain requirement to attract the community. Even, if all other facilities or services are top, but it is lack of interaction between the communities, the economy in that area will still can be shut down. So, there are few criteria that land use planning area must concern to attract the community, which are built housing area that fits the community needs, attractive landscape and facilities and provide a suitable place to run a business.  
First of all, to attract a community, land use planning must built a housing area that satisfied the community needs. To do so, land use planning has to know what the suitable concepts to apply on. This can increase the possibility to attract the community.  Moreover, the land use planning can add some properties value that rise up the value of the house. For example, bungalow houses or the semi-detached houses can add on some extra properties such as a balcony, larger front yard and backyard and others to attract the attention of the high community.
Secondly, it also important to the land use planning to create an attractive, beautiful and creative landscape plus with a safe environment. Attractive, beautiful and creative landscape can give huge advantages as it one of the criteria that a community to look when they want to buy a house. Most of community love to have a calm and green environment. Thus, as land use planning, it will bring benefits if create a housing area with a theme such ‘house in green’. Here, land use planning can provide a buffer area where this area will not be disturbed to any development where this area will be plant with a lot of trees. The land use planning also can build a fake lake to create even more beautiful landscape. With this, a green area is created and lead to beautiful environment. Plus, with all the trees, it can reduces the temperature and maintain humidity to the surrounding, can reduces the pollution occurs others benefits that bring positive impacts to the community life’s. A safe environment is the most important. When we talk about safety, there are fews things that a land use planning must avoided when building the housing area such as avoid Y junction, staggered junction, to many exit and entrance which can lead to easy access to thief  and many more precaution in order to create a safe environment.
Lastly, complete facilities. Facilities that will something will be used by the community. It is important to have a amenity. Talking about amenities, of course it will relate with shop. These shops are certainly important to community as they will buy most of their items there, especially for terrace area. So, the location of these amenities must be near to the terrace area compare to the bungalow and semi-detached area. Besides, other facilities that can be provided are playground for children to play around during evening, green space for a teenager and adolescent to exercise. These can create a healthy environment. The land use planning also can provide a community hall for general purposes that can be used by all. Moreover, public transportation is something can give advantages to community. For those who cannot afford a vehicle, this will bring happiness to them as they will used public transportation to goes around. In addition, provide a shop lot for those who want to make business as their source of income. Here, people can sell and provide services for those who needed.
With all this specification, for sure lot of different community with lot of background will stay at the housing area. Thus, as land use planning it is necessary to some research to fulfill the requirement of community. Indirectly, it can increase the value of the land lot, and then can lead to increase the economy.

In developing and improving an economy, business is one of the major factors. The business which related closely to the investor has their own needs and requirements for them to invest to the land use planning area. There are many criteria  of a land planning which can attracts the investor to do is business and selects an area for its economy investments which are strategic area, have a suitable parking lot around the area and the hygiene of the surrounding environment.
One of major criteria for an investor to invest to the land use planning area is must situated at the strategic area. This plays a vital role as location is the major contribution in order to make sure the business is huge success. A perfect location is an area which easy to access and always full by people. Perfect location is an area that situated at the main road or at the main entrance of housing area.  Area that located along the main road give huge advantages as the entire main road will always be full by cars and vehicles drive by citizen nearby. As they drive, they can spot easily what they are looking such as repair cars shop or a car wash. In addition, when the area selected is near at the main road or main entrance, it easy for the buyer or user to access to the wish area for using the services provided. Compare to the area that situated far from the main road, the drivers usually did not notice the business provided, thus this can lead to unsuccessful business. Moreover, it is also crucial that the area is near to the residential area. This because the one who will buy all the products and use the services provided is of course the people and citizens live nearby. By that, it can increase the opportunity of a business man to success. 
Furthermore, one of the criteria that an investor looking at is the availability of a parking lot. It maybe seems not too important like having a strategic area. But, it is important when the buyer or the user want to parks their cars in the area nearby as they wants to use the services. Imagine that the provided parking lot is situated a bit far from the actual area. It can make the user think twice as they have to walk a bit further compare to park at the front of the shop.
Last but not least, the hygiene of the surrounding area. Hygiene also ones of the important criteria. In order to attract the investor, the land use planning area must provide a suitable dumping area that located away from the crowded area or the target area. The main reasons are to avoid the smell and draw the attention of the rodent. Buyer love to go the area that have nice and clear area from rubbish compare to the area that near the dumping site.  Besides, a good management of drainage system is also an important to avoid such things. For example, the drain itself must satisfied the standard requirement to make sure the system works well such as wider and depth enough to hold the water.

3.3 Environment
3.3.1 Environment-Individual
Environmental factors are almost important for land use planning. Not only just the planning but all things have to considered to make land use planning are perfect and fulfils all the needs. Environment planning is the process to make decision to carry out development with due consideration given to the natural environment, social, political, economic and governance factors to achieves sustainable outcomes .The developer unit also can plan all the needs for individual, community and business through the environmental factors.
Individual environmental responsibility has been used by business and government in promoting public environmentalism through, for example, green consumerism, passive membership of environmental groups, and domestic recycling. Environmental responsibility is to be most significant where an individual believes in the useful of their pro-environmental behavior and where the self is supposed to be a responsible agent compared with other social agents. With this environmental responsibility into consistent behavior proves to be complex and dependent upon the individual’s social context as well as upon organized environmentalism.
In environmental factors, gardening and other outdoor activities assumes a central role in the daily life of residential. An environmental planner needs to focus on smaller and larger systems of resource extraction and consumption for the residential. Because this is might be affects the quality of life and health for current and future generations. This also includes oil and gas extraction, mining, fishing and forestry. With the lack of management of environmental problems such as land degradation, soil erosion and pollution also can create serious for community and business. For example, where countries rich in natural resources, the residential can be more relax with the environmental view.
The energy development also needs to be considered in individual residential. The effort to provide the primary energy sources and secondary energy change that can impact on air pollution and water pollution, mitigation of climate change with renewable. With this, developer can build many areas for transportation to make every residential can take public transport. This can avoid from air pollution.
Waste disposal, also have to consider. The developer also has to take seriously about this to make the residential comfortable with waste management. Waste disposal have at the right place to reduce their effect on health for residential. The management of wastes have to treats all materials as a single class, whether solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive substance, and to reduce the harmful environment impacts of each through different methods

3.3.2 Environment-Community
In the community, there many things have to consider making the land use planning become smooth.
As a planner, develop new sewage treatment plant is needed to make the new land use area are fulfill the needs for community. This is process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. This is can make environmental are safe fluid waste stream and solid waste suitable for disposal or reuse.
In the environmental factor, planner can use a number of quantitative tools to forecast impact of development on the environmental. This is include roadway air dispersion models to predict air quality impacts of urban highways and roadway noise models to predict noise pollution effects of urban highways. It can be more important tool to the urban planner by identifying early in the planning process any geographic areas or parcels which have toxic constraints.
Furthermore, tall buildings in particular can have a substantial effect in channeling winds and shading large areas. The building will typically be assessed as part of the environmental impact assessment for building if the microclimate around the building. The placement and design of buildings also may effected by the land on which they are placed. For example, the geological conditions such as fault lines may affect building requirements. Also, soil and rock considerations such as depth to bedrock may influence the height of very tall structures.

3.3.3 Environment-Business
Land-use planning developments on environment afford to help increase the profit of any association, organization and Malaysia. There is some stimulation that can be used to second this statement.
Firstly, the lands use planning in agricultural. Agricultural in Malaysia covers about 6.6 million ha, which is 20% of total land area in Malaysia. Two common classification of agricultural in Malaysia are Industrial crops and others crop. Industrial crops comprise oil palm, rubber, cocoa, tobacco and pepper. It covers 77% of the total agricultural land. Others crop such as paddy, fruits, vegetable and coconut covers 16% of the agricultural land. 6.6 million ha of agricultural can generate up to USD 11.5 million profit. If the Malaysian land does not plant its land-use on environment (focus on business of agriculture), it is possible for us to get food supply based on agriculture product. Besides that, agricultural also maintain the ecosystem. This evidence proof how important is land-use planning on environment.
Secondly, land-use planning in builds a recreational park. For example, Pahang Recrational Park. At Pahang Recreational Park, visitors are compulsory to pay the ticket fee in order to enter the recreational park. Different activities have different fee. Visitors from all around the world come to the park to feel the air freshness and relax with the picturesque. All the activities fees as bit as much contributes to the organization incomes, at once help in raising the name of Malaysia.

The housing and commercial centre sector in Malaysia has always been the major contributor of Malaysia development.
Malaysia still have a huge area of free land compared to others develop country such Singapore, Brunei and many more. Therefore, as a urbanization and town planner student, it is a must for us to fulfilled the requirement of the land-use planning needs.
Besides, land-use planning also helps Malaysia to achieve goals where the best plan is used for the land. Element of knowledge in land-use technologies also give a big help in order to make land-use planning success.


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