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Friday, 6 May 2011


haha..just wanna post my very own words i create before..feel free to use it..nevermind..

1. duri dalam daging, gunting dalam lipatan, musuh dalam selimut..i trusted you so much, yet you pour me a poison???don't ever wish i can call you a friend..the best i can regard you is thankful since that the best i can regard you, as i no longer want you as my friend~~~

2. i might be cold, arrogant, ego, selfish or any other you can call me..but i know my self better then anyone else..why am i like this???have you ever wondering the reason???then, ask me directly..don't ever simply jump into silly conclusion..cause i know, you're my friend..

3. the only thing i can plead to you now, is forgiveness for the me you saw..i promise you'll see my better self once i settle everything..i promise..but, believe me myself as i'm very hurt knowing that you're hurt by me..

4. this arrogant self, might seem too cold to you..but, remember our memory together???how we climb this steep ladder together???just because i left you to take another ladder, doesn't mean we're not going to the same floor my friend..i love you, but i don't want to cross over your line..let me the one who pull back and climbing another ladder cause i believe you're deserve to climb that ladder rather than you even know, i take a rusty ladder???which make me sway when climbing with it???i rather take it than give this ladder to you since i never want you to falling to the ground and having serious injuries..

all these quote, i write it somehow dedicated to my friends..each for each one of i just wanna say, i love you all..but please wait for me to show you my better side..promise..

p/s-the last para also included in the words..haha..i created it somehow to make this post real..haha..


as usual, i woke up googling bout KARA stuff..guess what i found??? Nicole said she was set to be in other team instead of KARA at first..i mean in dsp, she was train with other members..all of sudden, dsp debuted her together with gyuri, seungyeon and sunghee..maybe she was train with rainbow girls before???who knows???haha..

here's the link:

Thursday, 5 May 2011


hehe..not a scary story..i just take some rest after non-stop studying for my final paper tomorrow..what???it's tomorrow????argh!!!!i only finished cover the first topic..four more to go..everyone, wish me luck..huhu..i must not fall asleep tonight..must finish it that, i'm not going too stay up for tomorrow night..huhu..what should i tell you????erm, let me think..

ahah!!!!i got it..since nowadays, MALAYSIA also get affected by HALLYU WAVE (korean wave), let me share with you my chronology drowning in this wave..haha..where should i begin???

i never thought i'll be drowning actually..haha..the first korean thing i know is AUTUMN IN MY HEART..haha.. i remember, back from my school, watching WON BIN..i'm not actually interested at that time..if i remember, i just watch one scene..haha..the scene WON BIN drunk..haha..only one scene..i repeat, only one..haha..the next thing i watch is FULL HOUSE..i remember watching it in TV room at my hostel..somehow, the room was very full..i wonder how i can get in there at that time..guess, i'm smaller back that time, i don't even know any kpop artists..i only know the drama..the hallyu wave also haven't reach malaysia yet at that time..everyone fancy the drama..even my ibu..haha..i think many confuse korean drama with hong kong one at that time..cause tv3 and tv2 always show tvb drama every evening, suddenly they showed korean drama..many confuse at that time..

now, when is the first time i drown in hallyu wave???haha..the answer is KIM HYUN JOONG (i even go to see him when he came to kl last march..hehe)..the coolest man in universe i ever seen..haha..when many seems to be fall in love with BOF, i dislike it somehow..cause i love japan more..haha..i watched hana yori dango..even read the comic..haha..never thought i'll watch the drama..till one day i enter the TV room n see the scene of jihoo piggy back sweet..i even fall in love to him when i saw his cold face..haha..everyone melt with lee minho but i love HYUN JOONG..haha..i go straight to my friend's room asking for the drama series copy..and i watched it straight until i finish it..then, my friend gave me SS501 folder containing their music video..i watched it too..haha..he's the reason i'm into kpop now..honestly, many people fall into kpop after BOF actually..the ost is very nice, making people searching who sang, should i credit the hallyu wave in malaysia to SS501???or not???haha..then, i began googling bout KIM HYUN JOONG eventually i found first i only thought they're ugly..only hyun joong is handsome..then, i realized, all of them are good looking..the best looking kpop male group..the my opinion..

next, the first variety show i watched is star golden bell..NICOLE first, i thought, who is this silly kid..but, she's cute..haha.. i'm not that interested at first..then, i remember watching GYURI..i was like, wow!!!!this girl is so arrogant..haha..i googling her name, guess what i found???haha..KARA!!!!the first thing i watched was MISTER performance..haha..then, i watched KARA Bakery..after that, INTIMATE NOTE with SS501..then only i found they're labelmates..haha..DSP do have the best looking idol groups..haha..they're house of good looking kids..haha..i wanna go there..keh3..

nowadays, i'm only into KARA n SS501..only them..but i've no favorite among them..i love them all..haha..i done downloading all their music video, live performances, tv show..haha..they're cool..most good looking people i've seen..most humble..i'm very touched when watching their shows..of cause people may say suju, snsd, shinee, big bang or others are funny..but, they're natural..they're funny when they're need too..they just way what in their like watch normal people having normal conversation..there's nothing..but what they show is real life..never been a fake..i think kpop idols need to learn that from them..i'm sick watching someone who's very fake in my eye..hehe..


I'M 21????

suddenly realize i'm already 21..even i've 4 months to go, but, i'm legally 21 now..most of my friends start searching for their future husband or wife..haha..but not me..i'm not that desperate to be "perigi cari timba"..haha..

most of my coursemate start imtiaz friends..haha.. cough*k.chol*cough*mimi*cough"..haha..that's why suddenly i realize i'm 21..thanks my friend for reminding me..i'm ready to celebrate children's day today, but this fact knock me out..keh3..

my friend asks me, do you really don't have anyone in your mind???yes, i ibu, my ayah, my abang2 n my adik..haha..they're the only in my mind right now..i don't have anyone..i'm still pure as a baby..not even experienced first love yet..haha..but i do have crushes..i seal their names in my signatures and my account's pin number..oops~~~haha..silly right???but that's my way for always remembering them..thanks for give me such a huge experienced..sweet feeling of having a crush..ugh, i'm start feeling to vomit rite now..haha..cheesy's true..i'm pure as baby..haha..only in that aspect..i offer to anybody who want to be my first love????raise your hand!!!!haha..let's create scandal together!!!!keh3..i only need man that's good looking for my interpretation, smart, have a good brain and have great money..haha..whoever want to offer himself, give me a call..or at least, leave a comment..i only accept the above criteria..haha..only 'he'..'she' is forbidden..haha.. i'm obviously a girl..haha..

before, one of my friend also mad at me..i said, i'm never think about getting married before till i met all my course mate rite now..and he *cough*cough* madly said;"tak semestinya kau tak pikir, kau abaikan benda tu"..haha..i'm not completely forgot bout it..but, i'm just feeling this is not the right time..i've plenty reason, you know..and i've plenty goals i need to get married, yes i will..but after i settle everything..then, only i be "perigi" of my friends said, i aim too many other words, i'm too greedy..yes, i'm greedy..for repaying back the wasted 5years of my high school, i need to work triple for that..huhu..she even said;"kalau kau kawen nanti, takkan r suami kau nak sekat kau punye goal kot??? he might support you..even better, you search someone yang sama-sama reach the goal with you"..erm, but, i don't think i found this someone..haha..

one thing for sure, if one day Allah said, "he's your heaven", i'll never deny that fact..even at that time, i'm not reaching my goals yet, nevermind..i'll accept the fate..and if the he that Allah said to be mine, i also accept him..even now i always laughing to everyone that trying to pair us up, even many people say he's hot, even many said he and me will make a great couple, i'll accept the fact someday..but right now, i'm not seeing any light showing my future is friend said, you'll see it later, when he say; "AKU TERIMA NIKAHNYA"...haha..insyaAllah..and i'll invite all my friends i have since my nursery days (gosh, i need to start searching for them right now!!!*searching in yellowpages*stalk in facebook*haha..)..

to wrap my post (wow, i actually write 2 post for today!!!!yippie again for KARA!!!*sigh..they took so long..haha), i've mission that only me know right now..i'm pretty secretive you know..haha..even i might look easy, but i hold so many secrets in me..hehe..

p/s-don't ever ask who is he, coz' he are not even existing yet..haha..that's why i said, i'm not seeing my future with can i see it, if he does not even exists???haha..


finally, KARA n DSP are back together again..i don't like to put KARA is back again, since they're never say they'll part with each other from the very beginning..even they split 3:2, but they're working together well for URAKARA (finally over, the last episode) and JCL..

i love watching URAKARA episodes after the dispute happen, since somehow i can feel the real things in their acting..even i know it's scripted, but it feels real..i remember GYURI's line; "I'm not the best leader yet"..somehow it refers to how she nearly lose all her member..thanks HARA for stayed with our goddess back than..i also favor HARA's line; "we are together as five"..SEUNGYEON's lines;"KARA is not one person..we're together..if anything wrong, tell us"..n JIYOUNG's line; "Unnie, comeback..we are KARA as 5..we've got a lot of song to sing together"..seriously, they're so many lines i loved in this drama..after the dispute happen..

from the first time i read bout this crisis, i know, they'll be back to dsp my previous post said, KARA needs DSP and so is DSP needs KARA..they need each other badly now..KARA needs DSP as that's the only company suited their style..hara n gyuri both rejected from sm n jyp before, but dsp accepted them..this proved dsp is their only home..DSP needs KARA badly now as they're their biggest money maker right now after SS501 left..they can't rely on rainbow(sorry rainbow fans) who just started climbing right now..if KARA didn't return the new boy group rumored to be debuted might as well forget their dreams..

i'm so happy they're back together to DSP..hope this controversy mature them much..they're strong now..even stronger than SNSD (sorry SONE) in japan..hope to see them in near i miss seeing them performing together on stage again..but, they need to be careful since korean press is way scarier than japanese who treat them really really well..
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