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Thursday, 5 May 2011

I'M 21????

suddenly realize i'm already 21..even i've 4 months to go, but, i'm legally 21 now..most of my friends start searching for their future husband or wife..haha..but not me..i'm not that desperate to be "perigi cari timba"..haha..

most of my coursemate start imtiaz friends..haha.. cough*k.chol*cough*mimi*cough"..haha..that's why suddenly i realize i'm 21..thanks my friend for reminding me..i'm ready to celebrate children's day today, but this fact knock me out..keh3..

my friend asks me, do you really don't have anyone in your mind???yes, i ibu, my ayah, my abang2 n my adik..haha..they're the only in my mind right now..i don't have anyone..i'm still pure as a baby..not even experienced first love yet..haha..but i do have crushes..i seal their names in my signatures and my account's pin number..oops~~~haha..silly right???but that's my way for always remembering them..thanks for give me such a huge experienced..sweet feeling of having a crush..ugh, i'm start feeling to vomit rite now..haha..cheesy's true..i'm pure as baby..haha..only in that aspect..i offer to anybody who want to be my first love????raise your hand!!!!haha..let's create scandal together!!!!keh3..i only need man that's good looking for my interpretation, smart, have a good brain and have great money..haha..whoever want to offer himself, give me a call..or at least, leave a comment..i only accept the above criteria..haha..only 'he'..'she' is forbidden..haha.. i'm obviously a girl..haha..

before, one of my friend also mad at me..i said, i'm never think about getting married before till i met all my course mate rite now..and he *cough*cough* madly said;"tak semestinya kau tak pikir, kau abaikan benda tu"..haha..i'm not completely forgot bout it..but, i'm just feeling this is not the right time..i've plenty reason, you know..and i've plenty goals i need to get married, yes i will..but after i settle everything..then, only i be "perigi" of my friends said, i aim too many other words, i'm too greedy..yes, i'm greedy..for repaying back the wasted 5years of my high school, i need to work triple for that..huhu..she even said;"kalau kau kawen nanti, takkan r suami kau nak sekat kau punye goal kot??? he might support you..even better, you search someone yang sama-sama reach the goal with you"..erm, but, i don't think i found this someone..haha..

one thing for sure, if one day Allah said, "he's your heaven", i'll never deny that fact..even at that time, i'm not reaching my goals yet, nevermind..i'll accept the fate..and if the he that Allah said to be mine, i also accept him..even now i always laughing to everyone that trying to pair us up, even many people say he's hot, even many said he and me will make a great couple, i'll accept the fact someday..but right now, i'm not seeing any light showing my future is friend said, you'll see it later, when he say; "AKU TERIMA NIKAHNYA"...haha..insyaAllah..and i'll invite all my friends i have since my nursery days (gosh, i need to start searching for them right now!!!*searching in yellowpages*stalk in facebook*haha..)..

to wrap my post (wow, i actually write 2 post for today!!!!yippie again for KARA!!!*sigh..they took so long..haha), i've mission that only me know right now..i'm pretty secretive you know..haha..even i might look easy, but i hold so many secrets in me..hehe..

p/s-don't ever ask who is he, coz' he are not even existing yet..haha..that's why i said, i'm not seeing my future with can i see it, if he does not even exists???haha..

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