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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


26th SEA GAMES 2011. One of the most prestigious sports event. But, this edition is quite different from previous edition. Why? It's held in JAKARTA-PALEMBANG. One thing for sure, every edition, the host will gained much advantage. I'm not surprise when ASIAN GOLD MEDALIST of karate lost to the unknown athlete from host country. I thought; yeah, they're the host. But, things got worse when all the results surprised me much! INDONESIAN whom I never heard on Taekwando or Karate before, won against MALAYSIAN stars whose have much more experience before. The malaysian officials began to complaints the juries decisions. Luckily we got 4 golds. maybe after realizing how ridiculous their wins are. Then, in many sports events, MALAYSIAN always in a same group with the host country. I'm so mad!!! Isn't that too far??? When our athlete got into the court, they're booed by the host's supporters. When our athlete won, they booed also. When our national anthem played, they make noise. Showing disrespectful acts towards our country. The flag used is not even our original JALUR GEMILANG. What happened? I only write backing up my country. I didn't know bout other countries. But they seems to be too much to my country. The 100++ gold medals they got all from the cheating.

Now, to football.
MALAYSIA grouped with the other top three countries dominating football: THAILAND, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA. This is what dirty tactics called. The host placed all the great team in one group to brighten their chance in winning gold medal. SINGAPORE, THAILAND and MALAYSIA are the obstacles. So, putting the 3 countries in the same group as them help them much as the two unlucky teams will be eliminated. And, they expect MALAYSIA to lost too as they always have some grudge againts our country (go learn HISTORY if you don't know). They won the games against SINGAPORE, THAILAND and CAMBODIA. MALAYSIA win too but, draw with SINGAPORE. The final group stage game is super important as MALAYSIA need to win for a ticket to the semi-final n INDONESIA need to gain their pride again as they lost to MALAYSIA before on AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010. Both countries known as hated to each other so much. As the matchday become nearer, the insulting kept going. The match went not quite pleasant as the host supporters are so rude showing disrespectful act to our national anthem. Booed our players. Great game to watch as MALAYSIAN players seems to be too cool to be under great pressure like that. And, guess what? our team won that game securing our semi-final ticket as group winner and met MYANMAR in the semi which actually guarantee our place in final.

On final match day, both team played what we called football. A very great game to watch. A nerve wrecking game. But, too bad, the referee is sooooo biased. Giving MALAYSIAN the undeserving yellow card. But, as i mentioned before, this YOUNG TIGERS are actually too cool to be crack under pressure. They managed to win the game not so easily. The games went to the penalty shoot-out. Should I say, ALLAH really wanna show INDONESIA even how dirty their tactics, how dirty their games, HE the only one will decide everything. Even under the unfair judging, MALAYSIA still won the game. That's what people said FATE..

I hope INDONESIA will be a better host from now on. Other countries also being a host before, but never as dirty as you. This is the dirtiest SEA GAMES ever!!!!!

An ecstatic coach Ong Kim Swee also finally revealed his secret pep talk: "They don't respect you, they don't respect our flag, they don't respect our King and they don't respect your parents. If you allow this to happen, then you are cowards. You must teach them what being Malaysian is all about.


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