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Sunday, 21 October 2012


being born in SELANGOR, i grew up in the most successful state in MALAYSIA which great in almost fav is sport..i grew up experiencing SELANGOR unbeaten champs record for homeland is unbeaten in every single thing, that was what i grew up with..i grew up with the RED GIANTS success..i grew up introduced to azman adnan and mokhtar dahari..even i was watching amri yahyah debut game and his legendary golden goal..i remember at that time,slangor fiercest rival was PERAK which was my parents homeland..watching football at that time was so fun..even when our team lost,nobody will offend each other..the RESPECT that FIFA emphasize today, we already practised it long before..believe it or not..aside from malaysia soccer scenario, i alrady fancy of CHELSEA at that time..all my brothers also have their own respective fav team..haha..we always bickered bout who's better..i grw up knowing dennis berkamp..owen when he was in liverpool..alan shearer..beckham with his legendary corner n free kick..giggs..n many more which i can't named today..

10 years before, nobody really care bout malaysia soccer team..nwhen i said i wanna watch soccer game at tv, my friends will belittled one care how our team doing in sea games or even malaysia league..the scenario change starting aff suzuki that time i remember me and my brothers who already being a football folower since our childhood betting that malaysia will not go far..

i am happy that our football is now expand..but, what upset me the most is the fans attitude..before, even how many times RED GIANTS win the cup, nobody will be a civilized citizen, nobody will offend others..n nobody will be offended..everyone will respecting each other..even at that time PERAK lost to SELANGOR, they will be no bickering at all..the SELANGORIANS will not offended PERAK and the PERAKS will not insulting the winning team..the scenario now is the opposite..even if your team won, just keep the joy..don't harm others..i was thee watching SELANGOR dethroned by the KEDAH unexpected rise in early 2000..even so, the KEDAH's people are not offending others at that time even their team is unbeaten at that time..

my post might offending some, but this is  all i can do..i can't stand some of the fans' behaviour..if your team won, that's it..learn to respect others..that's their homeland you saying bout..the land they grew up parents are from PERAK..pure PERAK..most of my relatives are from there..most of them then migrate to SELANGOR as this is the most modern state providing gighest job oppurtunity in MALAYSIA..don't say it is KL since KL is not even a state..n if you learn history, you'll know KL was a part of SELANGOR..this is SELANGOR the land i grew up in..the land giving my parents jobs..the land teach me abc 123.. the land i attending university on it..the land that civilizing me..i respect n thank this land for letting me born n live on it..this is why never ever in my life thinking of offending this land.. call it assabiyah, i call it love n respect..i'm sure others think the same as i might not be SELANGOR only..if you live in JB,respect that state too..i studied in PAHANG for five years, even till now, still love n spect that state for kindly letting me a PERAK daugther born n live in SELANGOR for studying there..please n please respect others than,ths will rspect you..

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