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Monday, 5 November 2012


Geomatics is one of the wide and oldest fields in history. Since centuries before, this field already was being used in term of mapping in ancient famous journey. Every single thing on the earth can actually be modeled mathematically. Geomatics is the answer. As a wide field, there are many job opportunity in this area. One of it is license land surveyor.

To be a license land surveyor, there are several steps to be done before one will be the one. First and foremost, they must apply for the title. Before that, they must register as the member of ISM to take all the exam provided to be LLS. The exam cost RM 20 and carried out once a year. They must be a Malaysian citizen with the minimum qualification for applying is:

  1. STPM or equivalent with a pass  in Mathematics
  2.  Pass examination accepted by Board including pass in Mathematics
  3. Pass final professional examination provided by ISM
  4.  Diploma in Land Surveying in any recognized institutes by Board
  5. Advanced Diploma from ITM
  6. Bachelor Degree of Land Surveying in any institutions recognized by Board

They will be undergoing an articleship for minimum 2 years with both office data processing and field work. They must apply for articleship under other LLS with minimum 5 years work. They must sit for the exams which include:

Part I: Cadastral Practice

This includes all law and regulations related to land title.

 Part II: Practical work report

For the articleship, the applicant must prepare the report for the work they done in field and office which includes:
·         Title Survey for land partition with area more than 2.5 ha for mixed development or land alienation of 50 lots plus the refixation, Solar Observation except for e-Kadaster and Road reserve marking for the subdivision work

·         Title Survey for agriculture land with minimum 3 lots with area more than 7 ha including the refixation, sharing boundaries of 2 lots and azimuth by Solar Observation

·         Large scale topographic mapping with contour height, detail surveying and plan showing the contour, etc.

·         Engineering survey project with horizontal and vertical datum, easement, road center line alignment, topographic and longitudinal and cross sectional

·         Photogrammetric mapping project or hydrographic or bathymetric survey with minimum 25 ha at the seashore with middle scale, tide gauge, coordinate and control point, etc.

·         Subdivision layout with road access and the lot arrangement following the department of town and regional specification

      Part III: Practical and oral test
      After the report submitted, the applicant needs to undergo the practical test at Taman Permata which includes all title survey and leveling also making plan.
     The oral test or Viva in front of the panels will determine whether the applicant qualified to be LLS or not. The test include the surveyor working etiquette, code or professional conduct and related topics, new technologies and equipment in survey, any other land survey related topic.

Once all three stages finished, the applicant must apply for cancellation of articleship and apply for registration as LLS. The applicant must plead never making any crime then pay for RM 50 for applying the license. After that, the applicant must inform the Board the company name they wish to open.

Now, the official LLS can open the office providing several survey services and hire the staffs. The new regulations state that LLS can’t open another branch of offices but, they can move their office. The license must be renewed by point merit. This can be achieved by attending seminar, convention, etc.

Every LLS must follow working etiquette as required by the Board. If they are not following the etiquette, their license might be cancelled. Some of the working etiquette is:

Apart from being a LLS that open a company, land surveyor can also work in private or government sector such as construction company, oil and gas, etc. No matter inside or outside of or country, land surveyor can survive whenever the survey services is needed.


  1. I read your post and i like it. You really give your valuable information and link. Thank you for sharing................

    Land Surveying Service

    1. But this only apply in Malaysia..BTW, tq for reading my post..

  2. Thanks for sharing way to be license land surveyor..

  3. This is great news you have shared and glad to found this blog. Thank you for sharing...........

    Residential Land Surveyors

    1. tq..i just share anything related to license land surveyor that i know..but, in near future, i will be concentrating in gis field..bye2 land surveyor..haha

  4. Hi, thank you for the information you've shared, they're really detailed & useful.
    Do you know where I can find a list of which public / private universities are offering recognized courses (degree/ diploma) to progress as a licensed land surveyor in Malaysia? I've looked into UTM or UiTM but their degrees are more focused on geomatics in particular.. is this accredited or are there better choices?

    1. to be a license land surveyor, the first step is of course take the geomatics malaysia, utm n uitm both r the best uni for studying geomatics..both r accredited by institute surveyor malaysia..don't worry..taking this course will prepare u in becoming lls..u will learn everything regarding land survey..after finish the degree or even diploma, then u can take the test to be lls..

    2. list of place to study geomatics:
      1. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
      2. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
      3. Politeknik
      4. Geomatika College
      5. Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

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  6. It sounds like there's a lot of work that goes into being a land surveyor! One of my friends majored in geospatial intelligence and loves looking at all sorts of maps. I never knew what you could do with that kind of major, but it sounds like land surveying might be part of it.


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