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Thursday, 13 December 2012


haha..weird title..what is actually the relationship between football and kpop???here's the answer:

  1. MALAYSIA vs thailand semi AFF Suzuki Cup 2012..referee Lee Min Hu from SOUTH KOREA
  2. 1950 kick-off..
  3. Malaysian player being fouled every time they tackle the BALL!!!
  4. Mat Yo being tackled by player no7 the same time, one Thailand player provoking Fadhli Shas.. both got YELLOWED..
  5. FADHLI SHAS got the 2nd YELLOW CARD for the incident..end up, RED CARDED..(tq, ref)
  6. The biased match continue until Thailand score 2 goals, already late for MALAYSIAN comeback..
  7. Whistle blown..MALAYSIA 0 : 2 thailand
The biased referee is from SOUTH KOREA..some make fun of the fact..relate it with KPOP (isn't KOREA famous for it's KPOP??) started as a joke..yet, some immature people took the joke seriously..end up, mad at it..

dear people, please grow..i'm sick of immature fans backing up KOREA like they born in that country! saying MALAYSIAN are's you who are shallow minded..if you LOVE that country much, please, leave this land..go to that's not like MALAYSIA lose anything if you go there..

For others, don't make such a's offending others, actually..especially for people who can't tolerate with jokes. 

btw, we lose because of two factors is a FACT..the major one is because of biased referee..and the second is our lack in tactical..our defense is weak..we lose to thailand in the midfield..and, our attack can't break through thailand blame it all on the referee, is pathetic..

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