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Monday, 7 October 2013


got a chance to attend a seminar regarding the value of geospatial data in UK..the speaker is Dr. Gesche Schmid, the Project Manager of Transparency and Local Government Associations..basically, she gives speech regarding the application of geospatial data in UK government nowadays..

this seminar makes me wonder actually, how much my home country, Malaysia is fall behind..even though we always talk about 'TOWARDS MODERN AND SUCCESSFUL MALAYSIA', we're still lacking much..our geospatial data, there's so many problem with it..not in terms of accuracy or what's not about's about the application of the far as I concerned, every single state in Malaysia have their own organization which hold responsibilities for the geospatial field..each state have their own Land Office, and each state have own in Malaysia, unlike UK, is under state government..the state owns the land and have full authority on it..this somehow become a burden at the federal level..i've done one alienation survey during my internship in JUPEM before..and we've got problem with the boundary line between Selangor and KL..there are two boundary even though both states are adjacent to each other..this is simply because, every state have their own datum, and own law..

i also remember, attending a talk from the Head of JUPEM Kedah during my undergrads study..the speaker talk about how the land office and JUPEM work differ just because both are ego..this is simply because the Land Office is under the state government while JUPEM is under federal authority..the work actually different..for example, Land Office will be the one issuing the title while JUPEM is the one working on the field, surveying the land..JUPEM proposed to make a much simpler yet fast application named F2F where the land title will be issuing 2 weeks after the application is made..however, the problem lies on the inefficient work by Land Office where some applications will take months to actually reached the JUPEM team..and some applications also pending in some JUPEM sections and will only delivered to Land Office years after..

we should also learn from UK government where data sharing is applied..this means, many departments will shared same geospatial data..this is what we're UK, the data redundancy case as I stated previously in the second paragraph is rare to happened since they share same data..they used GIS efficiently to allow same data to be integrated and manipulated based on each department purpose..for example, the police department used the data for analyzing the crime..the fire department can response faster to the emergency..the town planning department can plan a friendlier neighbourhood..and much more..

the outcome of this data sharing, the cost is reduced of course since every department can freely access to the open source data..when i said open source, doesn't mean that every single citizen is eligible for that data..of course it is protected and can only be access by some authority only..but the main thing is, there'll be no such thing like " MY DEPARTMENT IS MY DEPARTMENT, YOURS IS YOURS..NEVER TOUCH MY DEPARTMENT'S WORK"..

if only we can solve the differences between the departments in Malaysian, I'm sure, there's no doubt, we can achieve our WAWASAN 2020 easily..

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