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Saturday, 11 January 2014


this is an interesting topic actually..i've been thinking to write about this months ago..there are many things that we, Malaysian, never ever thought that actually interested others about our it positive, negative and even, just a neutral opinions..

when I first told my classmates that I'm Malaysian, many of them will ask me, where do you stay? the city, KL? yup, everyone knows KL actually, thanks to the Petronas Twin Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world..everyone know it..that's why, no doubt, it is our nation's proud..not KLIA, not Sepang Circuit or others.. and, it is super famous, cause, it it TWIN tower..

Some of my classmates even love Malaysia for our tropical forest..they just love that we do have many animals reside in the forest.. they even impressed that I got an Orang Utan (they called it, monkey) keychain.. I never thought that animals actually will be one of they key attractions to our country..haha..I hate going to zoo, that's why I never love to see animals..haha..

My Chinese kitchen mates, many of them been to Malaysia before..and, they said that Malaysian food, is really it?? haha..they even wait for me to finish my cooking..and, whenever I'm cooking, thay always ask me, " what are you cooking?"..sometimes, I kinda embarrassed since I can only cook simple Scottish friend also, been to Malaysia, and he loves Nasi Lemak, but the sambal is spicy, he said..and I told him, I can't eat the sambal too..haha..he also said that he loves satay, but can't eat the peanut sauce..surprise, surprise, surprise, many of the english people, do have this allergies to peanuts..

the most thing that surprised me is, when someone from UK, do know about Malaysian football..even, watched the match at the stadium..that is my lecturer..he's been to Malaysia many times, even involved in a lot of projects..he also can greet me well in Malay..he knows a lot about Malaysia..when I told him I'm from Selangor, he said, he knows that place..and, when I told him I went to watch football in London, he surprised me by saying, " I watched football once in Shah Alam. They used to have a great football team there, right?"..and, I was like, WOW!!!! how did he knows?? above all, he watched the match??? and, he know about Mr. Tan who owns Cardiff.. 

but, it is sad to me that there are some misconceptions about Malaysia..a Chinese said that people in our country, have a slow pace of life..she said that, we walk slowly.. seeing my face changed (maybe), she added that it might be because of the weather..and, she also ask me if when Malaysian are married, the one responsible to work is the wife, the husband will stay at home..I was like, where did she got that mitos?? who told her?? and, I've to explain to her to clear the misunderstandings..if not, Malaysian men will be viewed as lazy and irresponsible husbands..

the misconception about Muslim in Malaysia..same Chinese girl, thought that the wearing of hijab is simply a rule since, some wear it, and some not..and, I've to explain to her about this too.. but, she then argue with me, " If your God told you to do so, why would people disobey Him?".. and, I'm speechless..huhu..don't know how to answer that question..minutes later, I told her that there's no forcing in Islam..but, it is a fact written in our Holy Quran that the women, have to wear the hijab..and, if some disobey, they will bear the punishment from Him..that's what I told her..

Most people, do like us, Malaysian and our country..there's many things about our country seems to impressed them..but, the misconceptions, I now know why MARA told me to went to handle those kind of curiosities, I can't help but to understand everything about Malaysia and most importantly, Islam..

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