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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


am very depressed right no one to talk no one to lean to..not because i'm lonely or what not..i do talk to my friends here, but, no one can understand me..

what makes me really depressed right now is, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I struggle, the result is just not satisfying..

i'm thinking to quit at some point when i can't bear the pressure anymore..but, glancing at my bookshelf, i found, His Love Letter..somehow it soothes me..making me think, this must be His test for me..

yup, the Europe n US students, are all perform better than me..Allah must want to test me..test my faith in him..I guess, this is why, many muslim student from malaysia  will either change for good, or vice versa..

I must never give up..I got a loan to be paid..I got my parents and family that waiting for the successful me..I got my friends back in Malaysia that always supporting me..tq for always listen to my worries..even I always message with you guys during your sleeping time, you guys always there for me..tq so much~~~~


  1. bebbbbbb!
    nape ni?
    jangan stress2.
    aku yakin kau kuat, kau boleh buat.
    makin kau stress, makin kau depressed.
    makin kau rasa tak boleh nak perform.
    keep calm and do your best.
    kitorang sentiasa doakan kejayaan kau kat sana.

    1. insyaAllah~~~
      semalam lepas borak dengan lecturer, rasa ok sikit~~~

  2. Rasa tu biasa... Kalau tak stress bukan student la. Just go on. Remember your push factor....

  3. only in the remembrance of Allah do heart find peace.all the best sis.=)


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