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Sunday, 18 August 2013


omg..just realize yesterday when looking at the calendar hanging on the wall at living room of our homestay in losong, terengganu..i'll be going to edinburgh in 2 weeks time!!!!!omg!!!!there's so many that not done yet..

first and foremost, the most important AGREEMENT!!!!!MARA!!!!!WHERE'S MY AGREEMENT!!!!!u said u'll send the agreement in august start with the earliest registration date..yet, only birmingham students got the agreement..what about us who'll be going to edinburgh..we must register on 9th same as birm student..where's mine??????hopefully i'll get the agreement by tomorrow..

the next thing is packing..omg!!!!am not even start packing yet!!!!!i've no luggage to used too..need to shopping for the bag soon..basically all the clothes are ready..but..but..two weeks more!!!!!need to double check my clothes, is it sufficient enough or not..if not, need to go shopping next week..argh!!!just realise, i've no sneakers to wear old one already, need to buy a new's time to persuade my mom to lend me some money..hehe..

what else???i don't know what i already prepared and what not..haha..i thought i already done preparing all the things to bring there, but suddenly when i look at the calendar yesterday, i feel like, i've done nothing to fly on the 4th!!!!!!

P/S - write this post in english just because suddenly realize my english is getting worse..haha..need to polish back my english..


  1. Wow... Mesti tak sabar-sabar dah ni

    1. bukan x sabar, anxious..agreement x dpt2 lagi ni


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