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Thursday, 29 August 2013


wrote this post just because i encounter many funny thoughts on facebook, twitter, youtube and even some forums i've been following closely..reading all the thoughts make me wonder, different person, do have different perspective..if there is 1000 people following a forum, not everyone will absolutely agree with same thing..

for example, today, my favorite kpop idol group, KARA released an audio preview for their 4th full album " FULL BLOOM"..nice songs included in the albums..but, not all people think the same as me..for me, some of the songs sounds too jpop..and some sounds similar to other kpop artists..nevertheless, the songs are all great..but, for some people, the album sucks!!! it's like a repetitive of their previous album..some said some of the songs sound alike with their previous songs..some said, they have no originality and everything is repetitive..this is what i mean by different perspective..not all people will agree with us, and we may not agree with others too..

i came across some simple thoughts, which is became bigger as people misunderstand her just that, malaysian, do like to complaint a lot, right? normal for us, malaysian to just that, some people may take our complaints negatively..some will say we're not grateful..some will say we're pampered..but for me, I see complaints as a motivator to create a better malaysia..i take complaints as a demand to be satisfied..complaints mean, we can do better..but, the worst thing is when you complaint blindly without even suggesting any solution to's good to complaint, but it's better to suggest a solution for the we can see three different perspective from a simple quotes..people who like to complaint, people who tend to take complaint negatively and the people who see complaint at the bright side..

the key here is RESPECT..just respect others..respect their opinion..never expect them to agree with you..if someone not agree with you, just relax..listen to them, and respect them..different people have different perspective..what we see as bad, people might see it as an advantage..what we think is good, some might think it's, learn to respect others..stop criticise others blindly..stop thinking you're so great that people must listen to you..everyone have their own opinion..just don't be humble..

last but not least, want to share this great quote by Thomas Jefferson..he said:
The Good Opinion of Mankind, like the Lever of Archimedes, with the Fulcrum, Moves the World 

1 comment:

  1. Of course, different person has different perspective.

    Itulah yang membuatkan kita berbeza.

    Yang penting hormati pandangan orang lain dan jangan sentiasa harap orang lain akan bersetuju dengan kita.

    Jangan pula berputus asa dalam memberi pendapat melalui saluran yang betul. Sama ada orang mahu terima atau tidak, itu perkara kedua.


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